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Thread: Hufflepuff Quidditch team burrows into the field

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    Just Tink

    Hufflepuff Quidditch team burrows into the field

    Hey, guys! We need to finish planning this as soon as possible- I'm going to ask that you make a post here with your ideas, and then we can decide on what we want to do. But we need to be quick- the other teams have already started writing! I'd love it if Hufflepuff won this round, and I think we can do it.

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    social loner
    Hey! I'm Social Loner, Olivia, and as for ideas, I posted the form that we filled out earlier. Hope it helps!

    Things you for sure want to include: I know it may seem a little overused, but rain and lightning, to me, is a very intriguing idea. I think there's a lot you can do with it and it can make for a very good story. Rain is something every good quidditch player and team should be able to cope with and leran to fight against. I don't want to work with some random, totally illogical force of nature being inflicted on the quidditch pitch, such as a volcano or a tornado. I want to make this, for the most part, believable.

    Things you would rather not include: As stated before, I don't want to include anyhting illogical, random, or just completely unbelievable. (i.e. lets please not have a hurricane go over the pitch!) Also, I'ed rather not include any canon characters in this i.e. having Harry be the seeker for the Gryffindor team if that's who we play. I think it adds a more personal, unbiased touch if we use our own characters. Plus, we would be able to create our characters and the game however we would like without being tied down by the actual descriptions of certain players and their personalities, if that makes much sense. (If not just tell me)

    Where should this take place? (World Cup, Hogwarts, Weasleys' back yard...):
    I think it would be good to have it at Hogwarts. It's a bigger atmosphere to work with. Plus the added pressure of school rivalries, peer pressure, the cup, and winning for you're house. It seems that there would be more at stake, a bigger, driving force for the players to strive to win.

    Anything else: Not much, we can just get started and see where it takes us.
    Hope these help! I can't wait to get started!


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    Just Tink
    Olivia, since we're getting close... I'm just going to run with something and bombard the rest of the team with messages. Here we go!

    For the first time in fifty years our house was in the finals for the Quidditch house cup, and I knew we could win. Wasn’t our keeper fantastic? Didn’t our seeker rival Harry Potter? And not to brag, but wasn’t I the best chaser that Hogwarts had ever seen, seventeen years old and already fielding requests to play for professional teams?

    So the seeker was sick and the keeper was flying lousily. Ignoring the fact that I had somehow invoked a terrible curse that gave me horrible luck, we were fine.

    Oh, who was I kidding? We were doomed.

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    social loner
    Woo-hoo! We're up and running! I like the idea, just tink. We can totally do this!

    I pulled my hair with my white fists and gritted my teeth as I watched our keeper once again miss the soaring quaffle by at least two yards.

    "Keep your eyes on the bloody ball, Patrick!" I shouted with futility. It seemed that no matter how many times we practiced, we never got any better.

    I closed my eyes and tried to calm down for the next play when I heard a deep, rumbling sound from above. As I opened my eyes I was confronted with the sight of large, ominous storm clouds filling the once blue sky.

    Great, I thought, another complication.

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    Just Tink
    I checked the rules, and it doesn't look like all your teammates have to post before posting again, so I say the two of us run with it and our teammates can jump in.

    You know, it seemed like everywhere I turned today there was another bloody complication. I didn’t mean to drop the sacred Beater’s bat of Hogwarts fame onto the ground. There’s a reason I’m not a Beater; I can’t grip a bat to save my life. And now it seemed like my team was doomed because of it.

    So like it always does in moments like this, it started pouring, flattening my hair to my head. Patrick let in three consecutive goals at the same time that our Beater knocked himself out with his own bat- but then the Quaffle neared.

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    Okay, I'm jumping in!

    I started moving towards the Quaffle, and I almost had it in my grasp, when there was a scream from somewher near me. I spun around, and saw that Kate's (one of the other Chasers) broomtail was alight.

    "It was lightning! Lightning!" she was screaming.

    Just then, one of our Beaters, missed the Bludger and his bat went flying out of his hand, knocking out Melissa, our third Chaser.
    I know this is short, I hope that it's okay!

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    social loner
    Yes! We're rockin it! But remember to proof read your work before you submitt it so that we don't have any spelling or grammer mistakes. I already found one in mine. *smiles sheepishly*

    "Not another one!" I cried as I rushed towards Melissa.

    Ever since one of our previous chasers left the team last year, we haven't been able to keep a steady replacement to save our lives. Melissa was our fourth replacement as of yet!

    As I reached Melissa's weary form, I knew immediately that she wouldn't be able to play.

    "Melissa?" I shouted over Kate's frantic screams.

    Melissa, however, remained motionless.

    After I ordered Tom to take Melissa to the Hospital Wing as payment for hitting her, I sighed as I realized what I had to do.

    "Newbie, come over here!"

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    Just Tink
    great job, guys! If we post like crazy today we might get it in.

    ‘Newbie’ was our most dedicated fan, a hyperactive first year with glasses like the bottom of a butterbeer bottle-but now he was our only hope.

    “Grab a broom and get out there, kid,” I told him after calling for a brief time out. “Just throw the Quaffle to me, okay?” He nodded, pushing his glasses up on his nose and clutching the broom like his life depended on it. I flew into the air behind him, and the game began to play again.

    Twenty seconds later, and the kid was on the ground with a bludger in his stomach.

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    social loner
    I'll try and get in as much as i can today between crew practice since we have a long day today preparing for a regatta next week

    Great, I thought. There goes our last chance at finding a chaser before the game tomorrow.

    "You ok, kid?" i asked as Newbie, also known as Justin, shakily got to his feet.

    "Yeah!' he called after grabbing his broom for another go.

    I had to admitt. The boy had guts.

    Fifteen minutes into I was shoked by my new discovery. Newbie was brilliant with a quaffle! Granted, we would have to give him extra protection from bludgers, but at least he could score and pass well.

    For once, our fate tomorrow wasn't looking so bleak.

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    Just Tink
    So Justin was good, I hadn't been killed yet (though it was surely a matter of time) and nobody had been lit on fire for a good ten minutes. Perhaps I had broken the curse! Maybe we could actually win.

    "Get down!"

    Spoke too soon. I threw myself to the broom as a bludger went straight over my head. I turned around and saw our beater, Sean, giving me a sheepish look.

    "Sorry, Clary!"

    "Just... don't do it again!" I was still shaken, but the game had to go on. “Catch!” I yelled as I tossed the Quaffle to Justin.
    We might actually be able to do this, guys! Go Hufflepuff!

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