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Thread: Slytherin Quidditch Team Slithers In!

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    Sly Severus
    "Time out!"

    He quickly motioned his team towards him. He had seen this formation before. It was used by the Slytherins when they were in Hogwarts. It was often used when the Slytherins were beating the Gryffindors. Grudily, he had to admitt that both Krum and Malfoy played the formation well. Clearly, his team would need a new strtagey.

    Quickly, he explained the scenerio to his team, but unfortunatly he couldn't think of another approach. Despretely, he looked to Harry for help.

    "All right, mate," he muttered. "I have a plan. I once saw Bellatrix do this. Obviously, we werent' playing Quiddich, but I think it might work..."

    There, I officially kept my promise of somehow squeezing Bella in here.

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    "Harry, you do know you're copying something a Death Eater once did, right?" Fred asked incredulously

    "Anything for my best mate." Harry smiled.

    Ron was getting anxious and annoyed. "Oi, we don't have time for this! What's your brilliant plan?"

    "Well, first we have to confuse the other team, so once Charlie, Oliver, and Bill get the quaffle, they will fly around Krum's team in circles, passing it to each other the whole time. Then..."

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    ... Fred and George will fly straight at Jimmy and him being the little fool that he is, he'll scatter leaving us a clear field to score quite few shots!"

    "Brilliant, Harry!" Ron said and they all scattered to put life into their 'brilliant' plan.

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