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Thread: Slytherin Quidditch Team Slithers In!

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    Before Ron could say anything, Harry spoke.

    "Ron, you're not still upset about this Krum thing, are you?"

    Ron's ears got pink. "He's trying to steal Hermione - my Hermione - away!"

    Harry sighed. "We already went over this, Ron. Krum is not trying to steal Hermione, or anything else, for that matter, from you. For all we know, he's got his own girlfriend by now."

    "I doubt it. That stupid git couldn't get a girlfriend if he tried!"

    "Then how could he steal Hermione?" Harry looked triumphant.

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    Ron sighed, frustrated.
    "I cannot and will not loose Hermione to him. You can either help me or not, all I know is that I have to beat Krum at his own game."

    "You mean your going to challenge him to Quidditch match?" Harry said grinning, he was always up for a challenge.

    Ron nodded, "Yea."

    "Okay, well then, I guess if you really want to do this it couldn't hurt to play a little game of Quidditch." Harry's grin continued to get wider as he thought of the rospect of playing Quidditch with his school mates again.

    Guy's we only have ONE more day to finish this so get CRACKING!

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    Ron grinned too. Harry was on his side!

    "We need to find a way to do it without Hermione knowing," Ron said, thinking aloud.

    "And get together teams," Harry added.

    "Yeah -- wait, you're really in?"

    Harry smiled. "Of course, it's been so long since I've gotten to play. I really miss it."

    "Good." Harry was on his side! "I think I can get Hermione into the office in half way through the shower and we have enough people to create teams."

    "This is going to be brilliant."

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    Sly Severus
    Ron waited for his opportunity to distract Hermione. It was agony. He wanted the game to start. He wanted to show Krum up. With Harry on his side, he knew that he wouldn't fail. It would be perfect, if Hermione didn't realize what he was doing, of course.

    It was hard for him to wait. He watched as Krum chatted with his Hermione. It made him sick.

    Finally, she was alone and he knew it was time to begin, Operation Quiddich Match.

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    "Hermione!" he shouted over the chatter and made his way over to her.

    "Harry was looking for you, I think he's in the office, he said it was important." he said solemnly.

    "Really? I thought I just saw him going into the house." she said shrugging and backing away towards the house.

    This was his chance, he caught Krum by the shoulder and pulled him to the side.

    "Oh! Vell, it is vonderfull to see you again!" Krum said.

    Ron eyed him suspiciously and said, "How about a game of Quidditch?"

    "Quidditch, now?"

    "Yes, unless your scared?" Ron said testily.


    Guy's after Krum agrees make sure Harry brings Hermione back out so that she can watch the game because she has to watch the game, that part of Ron's plan to show Krum up. He just doesn't want Hermione to know he's still uneasy about Krum...

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    Sly Severus
    A smirk crossed Krum's face, "Why would I be scared of Quiddich? You're on."

    Feeling validated, Ron lead Krum across the lawn to retreive broomsticks from the shed. This was going to work. Krum was so full of himself that he would never see anything coming. When this was over, Hermione would be his, once and for all.

    Opening the shed, he selected a broom and allowed Krum to do the same. The brooms were old, but no one would have the advantage of a better broom. This would be a fair game.

    The two boys were preparing to take flight when Ron saw Harry and Hermione returning from the house. All he had left to do was organize the teams. Then she would see how wonderful he truly was.

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    "Okay Krum, I'll let you have first pick, you can have anyone...besides Harry that is." Ron said smirking.

    "Vell then, I'll have that vone and those two" he said pointing at Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell and Demelza Robins .

    Ron's smirk disappeared as he realized that Krum picked some of the best chasers he knew.

    "All right then, I'll take Fred and George as my beaters." Ron said regaining his composure.

    Krum grunted towards Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan, "They vill be my beaters."

    "Okay, Charlie, Oliver and Bill are my chasers then." Ron said.

    "Zat vone vill be my keeper." he said pointing towards Jimmy Peakes.

    "All right well now we have a Quidditch game." Ron said going out into the crowd to gather up all his players .

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    All they now needed was a referee. Sprinting back into the house, Ron grabbed the first person he could find. That was Remus Lupin. "No time to explain, c'mon," he said, dragging Remus outside.

    They mounted their brooms, but needed Harry to return. After a moment, he did, followed by Hermione.

    "What is going on?" Hermione questioned.

    Ron grinned. "You'll see." Hermione raised an eyebrow. "Trust me."

    Harry mounted his broom and the whistle blew.

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    Sly Severus
    The two teams flew into the sky, facing each other. They were ready to go. Although, only Ron and Harry truly understood why they were having a Quiddich match in the middle of a baby shower. The others thought they were in for a friendly game, how wrong they were.

    Shrugging, Remus took his place as referee. He saw the venomous looks between Ron and Krum, and slowly began to realize what was going on. However, he decided it would do less harm to play along than announce the truth.

    As Remus blew the whistle, the game began.

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    Angelina dived for the quaffle but Charlie was too quick for her, he shot down the make-shift pitch at lightning speed and in seconds had passed the ball to Bill.

    Bill neared the opposing teams goal hoop's feigned left and went straight for the middle hoop. Peakes looked confused and didn't even notice the scarlet ball fly past his ear and into the middle hoop.

    Without wasting time, Katie Bell caught the quaffle and flew swiftly away from the goal, tot he opposite side.

    Katie, Demelza and Angelina formed a sort of triangle within the air and passed the ball to each other randomly making it nearly impossible for anyone from the other team to get the ball.

    Ron recognized this 'formation' and yelled, "......

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