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Thread: Slytherin Quidditch Team Slithers In!

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    Slytherin Quidditch Team Slithers In!

    Okay guy's, time to boogie!

    We go by the plans all right, don't differentiate and anything you want to change in the plans can be discussed at the Conga. Any planning goes in the Conga keep this clear for writing. If anyone has made any time, spelling, grammar etc error correct as we go along so we don't have to go back and edit too much

    Remember the rules, only 100 words or less per post. And for every time you post something part of the RR post it in green.

    On you marks!





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    Okay, I'm aware that I'm double posting but thats just so my team will notice that I posted.

    So I'll start because no one seem to want to do the honors.

    Ron looked over Hermione as she rolled up the piece of parchment and tied it to the family owl.

    "Do you have to invite him over? Don't you think there would be enough people there without him taking up space?"

    "Yes, I do, he's a good friend of mine, and I'm sure everyone will be glad to see him, Ron." she said pointedly.

    Ron sighed and sat down. Krum. She had to invite Krum. He was the last person he wanted to see right now.

    Well basically, I thought we could have it be like a family gathering of some sort, maybe a baby shower for Ginny?

    ~Roop <3

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    Sly Severus
    The thought of being forced to endure Krum made him feel ill. He had not right to be at a family gathering. It didn't matter if he was Hermione's friend. This day wasn't about Hermione. This was Ginny's day, and Ron knew that his sister had no real desire to see Victor Krum.

    He found himself over come with insecurities. What if Hermione was anrgy with him? What if she didn't love him anymore? Maybe that was the real reason she wanted Krum there. Maybe Hermione had decided that she would have been happier if she married Krum.

    He didn't know what to do. Clearly, he needed to prove to Hermione that he was better than Krum. He needed her to see that she was with the right man. But how could he prove that?

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    It was a few days later, and Ron was still moping around. Everyone ignored it, they were all used to his moods, but that just made him feel worse. He had no desire to see Krum anywhere near his Hermione; she was off limits to anyone whose name wasn't Ron Weasley. Finally giving in, Ron got up and went to find the only person who could possibly help him: Harry.

    "Harry," Ron called when he finally found him, "where have you been?"

    "Oh, just here and there. What's happening?" Harry's hair was more messed up than usual, and he looked flushed, like he had just been....Wait, Ginny had been gone for a while too....Ron decided he didn't want to know.

    "I need advice."

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    "About what?" Harry asked curiously.

    "Hermione and Viktor," Ron replied through gritten teeth. He didn't want to say their names in the same sentence.

    "He's coming, you...."

    "I know!" snapped Ron. "And I don't buy that he wants to be just her friend."

    "You don't trust Hermione?" Harry questioned intently, taking off his glasses and wiping them on his sleeve.

    "It's not her I don't trust. It's him," Ron snarled. Harry let out a laugh. Ron would always be the same -- the Viktor situation had been going on for almost ten years, and he reacted the same way each time Viktor's name was mentioned.

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    Sly Severus
    "Have you ever thought that maybe he doesn't love her," Harry asked. "It's been years and since the Yule Ball, nothing has happnened. I think you should just let this go. Let him come to the shower. Be nice to him. Hermione will be proud of you."

    "But why is he even invited?" Ron whined. "This is about Ginny. She isn't friends with Krum."

    Harry sighed, "I really think you should let this go, mate."

    Ron said nothing, but it was clear that he was not about to take Harry's advice. He was going to show Hermione that he was a better man than Krum, once and for all. All he needed was a plan, but if his best friend was unwilling to help him, what could he do?

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    He knew exactly what he would do -- with or without Harry's help. He would find a way to beat Krum at his own game. He would show Viktor who he was dealing with. He would prove that he was better once and for all.

    But how? How could I beat Krum at his own game? Ron racked his brain. He thought pranking was too juvenile. Beat him at his own game...

    That was it! It came to Ron like a flash of lightening. Viktor's game! He could beat the world-renown Quidditch star at Quidditch!

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    Ron was elated at his sudden stroke of brilliance!

    Now all he had to do was find the perfect way to get Victor into the game...

    Though, that wouldn't be all that hard, would it? He is after all Quidditch obsessed, isn't he?

    So Ron's mind was set, tomorrow at Ginny's baby shower he would challenge Krum to his own game and win, he had to, it was the only way he could show Hermione that he was the better man.

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    Sly Severus
    The next morning, Ron was feeling the the cat that swallowed the canary. He knew that he could do it. He would challenge Victor and he would win. Hermione would know, once and for all, that he was the better the man.

    A smile was plastered on his face as he got ready for his sister's baby shower.

    "What is up with you?" Hermione demanded. "Are you planning something?"

    "Of course not," he replied. "Can't a guy be happy for his baby sister."

    Eyeing him suspciously, Hermione continued to get dressed.

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    Ron continued to smile as they flooed over to the Burrow where the baby shower was to be held. They got there early to help out with the cooking and preparations.

    Once they arrived they were greeted with a very pregnant Ginny, she was due any day now.
    Ron and Hermione hugged Ginny and greeted Harry, the rest of the Weasley family was already there. Kids were everywhere, many of them red-heads, with a few blonde's and brunettes mixed in. Ron got a hold of Harry and walked him over towards the garden. He had to tell him about his plan....

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