I'm thinking of writing a bit about Frank and Alice Longbottom, but I'm worried my ideas won't feel 'Neville' enough. But...given that Neville was raised by his grandmother, how different do you think I can safely make his parents? I don't want them to be cookie-cutter copies of Neville, and they were well-respected Aurors, after all.

I want to make them more bold, more rebellious - and not just in defying Voldemort, but in little things like attitude, style, appearance, etc. Would that seem alienating? What traits of Neville's should I be sure to include?

I am one of those people who can't put them in James and Lily's year because Auror training takes three years, and for them to become well-respected Aurors would have taken more time after that. So if they left Hogwarts in 1978 they would have barely finished their training by the time Voldemort was defeated. I have Frank leaving a year earlier than Alice, in 1973 or 1974.

I can't really find much on them, especially their appearance - not hair color, eye color, etc. Am I missing something somewhere? Especially a last name for Alice??

Thanks for any other advice on how to approach them!