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Thread: Lavender Brown

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    Sadly, no. Usually you can do whatever you like. In fandom, Lavender usually has blonde hair and blue eyes (big surprise), but I also see a lot of authors go otherwise with their own ideas. So it's really up to you.

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    Spoiler In This Post

    Here is the Lexicon's page on Lavender.

    And here is a picture of the actress who plays her.

    Personally, I always thought of her with light brown hair and blue eyes, myself, but that's just me. There are some interesting eye colours in the HP universe, and as Elizabeth Taylor is thought to have violet coloured eyes, so you could easily do Lavender's that colour without being entirely too Sue-ish, as long as she was basically normal in every other respect.

    Quote Originally Posted by h_vic
    Do you think it could be believable for Lavender to convince herself that she was in love with Ron (even though what they actually had was a brief shallow little fling) and continue to bear a torch for him for a long time afterwards?


    They are in grey so as not to ambush anyone.

    Normally, I would say no, but there is ample evidence in the HP universe that whoever one "falls in love" with first seems to be your life partner, no matter how utterly unrealistic this is. We see Harry dating Cho and Parvati, but not particularly feeling anything for them beyond a vague physical attraction. It's Ginny that he really falls in love with and it's Ginny that he marries. Conversely, Ginny falls for Harry when she's *ELEVEN* and it's Harry that she marries. We have Arthur & Molly eloping right after school (per Ginny's comment in HBP), Ron & Hermione getting married despite their being utterly and miserably mismatched, James & Lily getting married even though Lily hated James until she was eighteen, and Snape remaining "in love" with her from the age of nine until he's bitten by Nagini. And there's simply no way that Andromeda Black and Ted Tonks could have done anything other than elope out of school judging by the (highly malleable) timeline we're given.

    So I would say that it is not entirely out of the concept of the universe for her to carry a torch for him for the rest of her life.


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    Do you think it's possible for Lav-Lav to have married Seamus Finnigan?

    I'm writing a New Generation fanfic, and was randomly putting people together, and... I put them together on impulse... Do you think it's believable? Well anyway, her first name's not mentioned... I just decided to ask anyway...
    ((They have seven kids, and five of them are quintuplets... ))

    -Lady Panda, who marries canon characters to each other.

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    I think her marrying Seamus is plausible; I think the quintuplets is a bit much.

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    That's good, I mean, she did go with him to the Yule Ball after all...

    I know they are a bit much... Hmm... I guess I could cut them down to triplets, it's a bit more reasonable.

    -Lady Panda, who often over-does things a bit...

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    Multiple-births are kind of overused in general in fiction. Not just Harry Potter fanfiction but fiction in general. In my entire life I've known five sets of twins and I'm in my mid-thirtieds. Statistically, one is far more likely to have fraternal twins than identical, yet both of the twinsets we've met in the Potterverse have been identical and it's implied that Gideon and Fabian Prewett were twins as well.

    Even with Jo's convenient "explanation" that there are higher numbers of twins in the Potterverse than in the Muggle world, I think this is occurring too often. You'll statistically see a set of twins once for every eighty-nine births; triplets are two orders of magnitude more rare, occurring only once in every eight thousand. Quite frankly, we haven't even seen that the British Wizarding world is large enough to support even a single set of triplets at that rate.

    Unless you absolutely positively must have her having twins or triplets, I'd go with single births. And if it must be twins, make them fraternal and one set. Honestly, anything more than that and it starts making your story suspect.

    Beth: Good post. 5 points. - awarded

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    I do agree that twins are used quite often in fiction. Most of them are identical, which is highly unlikely to happen. Since these twins are identical, you never really see a boy-girl set; which is in fact, is my favorite one to play around with in fiction.

    Quote Originally Posted by cmwinters
    In my entire life I've known five sets of twins and I'm in my mid-thirtieds.
    I've seen several sets of twins in my life, but I don't remember all their names offhand, as I met most of them when I was much much younger, and didn't pay attention to the details. But I do know that there have been three sets of twins, (two sets are definitely fraternal, and the other may be identical, I canít tell...) in a few of my classes last year.

    I think I'll just ditch the Lavender/Seamus marriage and make him marry a Muggle. It might give a better excuse for why they have a set of fraternal triplets in the house. In the beginning I started with twins, but then I had the bright idea of making them triplets....

    -Lady Panda, who chatters more than she should.

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    Ryan The Wizard
    In my opinion, whether Lavender Brown has post-pardum depression or not is derived from the state she was in before she had the baby.

    For example if she was happily married, then there would be a small chance that she would have post natal depression. On the other hand, if she just got dumped by her boyfriend and became a single parent and had low self-esteem before that then the chances and extremity of her condition would climb higher.

    Judging from what we know about her, she was extremely depressed when Ronald broke up with her. She had fun with him and would do anything for him, even if most of what they did was have a snog session every ten minutes or so. =D So if she had the baby right after this situation, then she would have post-pardum depression. But judging from the fact that she's still in school, and that she's Lavender Brown, chances are she found some other boy-toy to while away the hours with, and had a baby when she was happy.

    So, in conclusion, I don't believe that Lav-Lav would have post-pardum depression, but remember, this particular condition has many circumstances that must be taken into account first.



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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    As regards Lav-Lav's appearance, I always imagined her with brown, a little bit messy hair and big browm eyes. I also think she'd be a bit tanned and have lots of freckles.

    I think her being in love with Ron for the rest of her life is a bit melodramatic. I must admit I don't like the way that Ginny married someone who she had a crush on since 11, but with Ron and Hermy, I know a lot of people get married after uni, but wizards don't have it, so they have to meet at the end of school (if you want them to get together somewhere convieniant) so Ron and Hermy's marriage is a bit more plausible. Harry and Ginny's is just a bit plain-sailing.

    Anyway, this is meant to be about Lav-Lav.

    Does Cannon state she has any particular close friends apart from Parvati?

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    No, Lav was never close friends with anyone else, but the invisi-girls pose a possibility if you need an OC.

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