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Thread: Lavender Brown

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur

    I was wondering... what do you think her attitude to Slytherin/Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff gilrs and boys would be?

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    In my opinion: she *might* be okay with Ravenclaws, primarily because her best friend's identical twin sister was a Ravenclaw. I sincerely doubt she'd have any use for Slytherins or Hufflepuffs.

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    Pheonix Tears

    Post PartumDepression

    Of my expreience of depression (from the point of view of a daughter) I would say that depression hits people who you think would least expect it. So I think it could be entirely probably that Lavender had post partum depression and it be so strange because you wouldn't have seen it coming or thought it like her.

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    I don't know ... she doesn't seem to me to be the sort of person who would care about House rivalry. I think she'd go along with the 'Anti-Slytherininess' simply because she seems to me to be the sort of girl who goes with the flow.

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    Yeah, I agree.

    Lavender is a very social girl and probably wants to be popular and have as many friends as possible.

    I think that she would only go against the Slytherins because of her best friends doing it, and because she probably isn't too fond of Pansy Parkinson either.

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    Who is fond of Pansy Parkinson?

    But, generally speaking, I think Lavender's charecter is underestimated. Sure she's girly and a bit silly, but she stayed back to help get the Blast-Ended Screwts back into their boxes. She can't be all bad/stupid!

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    Who is fond of Pansy Parkinson?
    Haha. Her mother, maybe? Or Draco, when she's having a good hair day? I'm kidding, but now I'm curious as to who cares about her.

    But, generally speaking, I think Lavender's charecter is underestimated.
    I agree. I think it's easy for people to use her as the stereotypically ditzy, girly girl, and I think she's much more than that. It's up to the author to characterize her how they want, but she has more going on under the surface than what we see. As a minor character, she is more interesting if there are layers to her personality, but many people make her flat and one-note.

    I was wondering... what do you think her attitude to Slytherin/Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff gilrs and boys would be?
    I don't think she would have as much of a problem with people from other houses as some have said. I think she would pick her friends based on their personality rather than what house they're from. That being said, she would probably find Slytherins unpleasant and hard to relate to, but other than that I think every one is fair game.

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    Hi everyone! I'm looking for some quotes form Lavender that describe her personality, and what she's like. Thanks to everyone! Also any fics central around her would be good.

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    Does "Won-Won!" count as 'quotes' ?


    I don't recall seeing that much 'quotes' in the books. Lavender doesn't really speak much but she's described as gossipy, light-hearted, a bit immature and how she uses pet names for Ron and the 'My Sweetheart' necklace shows her being the 'first person' in a relationship and how she strives to love and be loved in return.

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    Replying to several questions on Lav-Lav.

    Post-partum depression. Very possible- it can happen to any new mother although it's easier to predict in people who have suffered depression, are in an unsteady relationship or have recently suffered a bereavement, or change in circumstances. So if you don't think Lavender has had depression before then maybe it could be brought on by the death of her mother or a relative (Not Binky the rabbit though- lol). There's also a condition known as peupural psychosis (not sure of spelling) where the new mum becomes extremely paranoid and convinced everyone's out to get them or very elated and manic. There can also be a feeling that they are either The Virgin Mary and have given birth to jesus or are some un-named mother who's given birth to Satan. perhaps in Wizard terms this would be giving birth to Voldemort (!)

    Lavenders partner/ relationship with other houses- It could be Seamus I suppose but it was a long time ago that she went to the ball with him. I don't think she'd mind too much about marrying a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff but I think she'd hate all Slytherins. She would have known the other Hufflepuff girls from DADA and the Ravenclaw girls though Parvati. She's in Gryffindor and is brave. She fights well at the end. I don't believe she's totally ditzy.

    Ron?- i think she'd have been upset for a few weeks but when Dumbledore died she would realise some things are more important. I don't think she'd carry a torch for him forever but it would be fun if Ron thought that and kept avoiding her forever- ha ha.

    Looks- No idea. I've always imagined her with a jaw length bob, light brown/sandy hair and blue eyes- also tall.

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