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Thread: The September Challenge - week 1 - Results

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    The September Challenge - week 1 - Results

    It is September 1st and that is the day all good (and bad) wizard and witch-lings get on that train and head for Hogwarts.

    Every year the Three Broomsticks sets a monthly challenge to that effect.

    This year is no different, well, perhaps a little different.

    This is not a monthly challenge, but a series of four weekly challenges.

    • I will set a prompt every Saturday and you will have a week to write a drabble.
    • You do not have to enter every week, but if you complete all four weeks then you will receive extra points.
    • You may only enter each week once.
    • Participation points will be awarded to the tune of 5 points per drabble and an extra 5 if you write all four.
    • Participation points will, however, be dependant on following the rules of the competition.
    • I will award a winner and places each week, but this may change if we do not get enough participants, or if we have so many that I really can't make a decision.
    • Your characters must be canon, and canon compliant (although I will allow some tweakage** ) but may be of any era.
    • You do not have to write the same character each week.
    • All drabbles must be between 300-500 words.

    ** tweakage definition: I will allow minor characters being together, or missing moments (like Ron deciding Eloise Midgen is actually quite pretty but not admitting it to Harry), but anything that does not comply with the timeline, or has Scabbers and Peter Pettigrew sitting in different carriages at the same time - and yes, I have seen this - will be deemed uncompliant. You may reference Pottermore canon if you wish, just make sure you tell me so I can check it out.

    Week 1

    Platform nine-and-three-quarters


    Your chosen character has to have a pet of some sort with them.

    I will close this thread on Saturday 8th September at 3PM (BST)

    Use this form for your entry

    PHP Code:
    B]Word Count:[/B]

    Have fun, drabblers!

    ~Madam Carmerta~
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