Hi! My name is Harlow.

Okay, fine. That's my middle name. But its what everybody calls me. I mean, really, what kind of name is Aubrey? I don't have a clue what pills my parents were taking when they named me that, but they should be confiscated IMMEDIATELY!

I am also a metamorphagus. Yeah. Pretty. Darn. Cool. Especially handy with trouble-making. My favorite hobby.

Oh, you probably don't want to hear about my name rant. You want to hear about the awesome-ness that is moi! I guess I must give the people what they want.

Lets start at the beginning. Hogwarts. Great pranking material. Horrifically easy to get dung-bombs. (SOMETHING UNINTELLIGIBLE IN BACKGROUND)

Oh, you don't want to hear about pranks, you want to hear what year I'm in, house, best friends, etc.

Okay. I am in the fifth year. (OWLs are exhausting! Be lucky this is what I use my free time to do. Even though I mayhave cut out a tiny bit of studying.)

A lot of studying. But what use is Transfiguration to a charm-breaker. Since when does busting into two-thousand-year-old tombs require Transfiguration? Name one time when I will need to turn a bench into a pineapple and I will study. Maybe.

Oh. Sorry, got a little off topic there. I am in Gryffindor. I don't really have any best friends. I get along with the fifth year boys well enough (A/N The Marauders). We're kind of partners-in-crime. Or used to be. The girls are alright. They think its amusing when I use my Metamorph powers to prank the guys. I am kind of a loner.

I am a half-blood (Or, technically, quarter-blood. Not that it matters. Some people just like to know.) My dad is a half-blood and mum is pure-blood. She was one of those break-away misfits who breaks away from her family and marries whoever the heck she wants.

I guess that's the basics. Please ask questions!