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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part IX

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    Two questions.

    A. If, in a fic, someone like Luna is aged at least 50 years, will the fic be rejected for a level of OCCness? I mean, obviously you're not going to have Luna turn into a Death Eater, but if you turn her into someone who's simply sad and reflected on a lost loved one and none of her usual airy-ness shows because she's older? I KNOW I've seen something like this somewhere, but I honestly can't find it anywhere. >.<

    B. Does the Room of Requirement mod approve new topics before you can see them? I just spent a good while posting a new topic and I don't see it, and I REALLY don't want to rewrite it, so I'm just wondering.

    Thanks in advance!

    <3 Mari

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    So, I'm writing a story for my Final Exam (the Spring Semster First Years DADA) and I need to put some incest in it. The premise is Regulus remembering all the children who have been corrupted by their Black family heritage, and we know that there's incest in that family. It will be twincest, but the people engaging in it won't know they're siblings (it's a long, twisted story... their parent's were even more messed up than most Blacks), and there is no real kissing (except like one during their wedding, the "you may now kiss the bride" thing). It ends with them staring at each other over their marriage bed. It does not put incest in a postive light at all (in fact, it really emphasises how heart-breaking and awful it is, at least in this case), and it's really a necessary part of my story. So can I put it in? Thank you!

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    hpluver365: You may include the title and author of the stories you are beta-ing, but you may not include any links to fan fiction sites other than MNFF (whether they are validated or not). All such links will be deleted immediately.

    pheonixflame: Aging a character is note necessarily considered OOC. If you can support Luna being 50 years old and depressed as she looks back on her life with the events in your story, that's fine. Most commonly, when a character is considered OOC, it is because their actions are not supported by the plot of the story. If you are concerned about a specific part of the story, please feel free to PM me and we can discuss specifics.

    Whylorinda: Stories involving incest are strictly prohibited at MNFF.

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    Okay, this may be a dumb question, but can you give me a more concrete idea of how the rating system here works. I know that Professors is like an R rating, but what do the rest mean?

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    Snape's Talon
    With regards to MNFF's policy concerning incest, would marriage (or betrothal) between first cousins qualify? In some areas of the RL world, it is taboo; in others, it is considered quite normal.

    It's my thought that while perhaps not exactly palatable, it would be acceptable in pureblood circles. The reasoning behind this is there are not very many pureblood families. Most are interrelated (OotP). If a pureblood family were concerned with social standing, purity of blood, money, and strengthening ties between families, arranging to marry an offspring to a cousin might be suitable, especially if there were not many candidates in a suitable age-range.

    Specifically, I want to have an OC (who is youngest sister of Bella, Narcissa and Andromeda) betrothed to their cousin Sirius Black prior to Hogwarts. Neither find the match to their taste and nothing occurs beyond the typical parting hug between friendly cousins - no romance, no kissing, zip, zero, nada. The arrangement is dissolved by the time Sirius leaves his family home after his fifth-year at Hogwarts.

    From her family's point of view, they have managed to arrange Bella with LeStrange and Narcissa with Malfoy; Andromeda is a lost cause, having run off with Ted Tonks. They needed someone near their last daughter's age who is of pureblood and Sirius fit the bill.

    Thoughts? Comments? I guess what I'm asking for what is the hard and fast rule regarding whether a relationship qualifies as incest and whether betrothal alone crosses the line.

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    Ratings are understood like movie ratings:

    1st-2nd years- G
    3rd-5th years- PG
    6th-7th years- PG-13
    Professors- R


    Hmm, I'd like to get other mods' perspective on your question. While I understand your plot points, I think that betrothal treads that fine line between palatable and unacceptable. My problem with the scenario you've presented is that first cousin is a fairly close genetic relationship. Legally, it is not allowed and I think that is where our policy draws most of its influence. The relationships seen in the canon were no closer than second cousin and I think that's where MNFF policy would draw the line. However, if you're not happy with this answer (and you're more than welcome not to be) I have no problem bringing the matter up with the other mods in order to give you a more clear answer.

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    Snape's Talon
    If other Mods would like to chime in on the subject of first cousins betrothal and incest, please feel free to do so. The story I'm working is currently in the General Fic category. At this point in the plot, the betrothal has not yet been mentioned. If absolutely necessary, I can work my way out of it.

    Many thanks for your patience.

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    miss padfoot
    My situation is also similar to Sandy's. In my story, two characters who are first cousins are betrothed and they also love each other. I'm not really sure if first cousins getting into a relationship is illegal/incest in the US because here in India, it's kind of common to marry your cousin.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Marrying first cousins is legal in Britain, and, I believe, the rest of Europe too. I think it would be hard of us, as a site, to prohibit something that is legal in the Potterverse's originating country. There would also be something relatively fitting about the practice being conducted by Purebloods in order to keep a line pure. We did discuss this as moderators a month or so ago, but I can't remember the conclusion.

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    I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, BUT i have searched the FAQ and could not find what i was looking for!

    I registered about half an hour ago and replied to the activation e-mail, and obviously i am now able to post, however i am not able to post new threads. Is this normal or have i done something wrong? I would be grateful, for an explanation!


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