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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part IX

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    Who is the mod for the romance, and if it get's more specific, James/Lily catagories? I know this is said somewhere I just can't find it. Help?

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    You can talk to Nat (mrsgeorgeweasley), Julie (myownmuggle) or Rachel (lily_evans34) for the J/L category. If you ever need to know which mod mods which category (woot! tongue twister!), you can go to the Announcements section and check out the Meet the Mods thread.

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    Actually, the best place to see who mods which categories is in the FAQ thread at the following link: FAQ ~ MuggleNet Fan Fiction

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    I noticed that the spring term ends in two days. Is the next term summer term? How long does this term last? Are there classes during this term? When will the class options be announced? When can we sign up for them? When do they start?

    Sorry for the bombardment of questions.

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    hpluver365, the next term is the summer term. It will last just under four months, just as the spring term did. As for the questions about the classes, I'll let Vindictus Viridian answer those as she is in charge of that.

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    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I was looking at the group membership list thing ans one of them was for the hospital wing project. What exactly is that?

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    thechaser: The Hospital Wing Project is currently inactive. It was a series of writing exercises run through the Hospital Wing forums at various times in the past. It may or may not be revived at a later date. Any revival would be heraled by announcements, banners, and posts so you wouldn't miss it.

  8. 04-25-2007, 11:45 AM

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    how to make a thread

    I am really confused. I want to I guess make a thread, but I have no idea how to. Can anyone help me, please!?

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    All right, I understand and respect the rule about no moving avatars. It makes sense.

    Recently, however, I have seen some animated Banners and Avvies appearing in signatures. Am I correct to say that these are also not allowed, or is there a different rule for this?

    Just wanted to brush up on my rules so I don't make any mistakes!


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    When does the new term start? I was just wondering. I'm not sure if I should ask this here, or in a PM to someone.

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