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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part IX

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    I need to stop pushing the alluring back button".

    Um. Yep. That's about it >.<

    Deletion of duplicate would be sweet, guys!

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    Lurid, your duplicate review has been deleted but please contact a moderator via PM next time.

    MJ_Padfoot - You said how the little earth button on the forums gives you a URL code that wraps around the banner code. If you copy and paste this entire code into your profile it should work in the same way.

    james fanatic - you can turn your banner into a link using the following code (without any spaces):
    [url = http: // URL of your fiction] [img ] http: // URL of your image [/ img] [/ url]

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    I don't mind, but I was just curious about this. Why would a story that I put in the queue two days ago get validated before one that I put in a long time before?

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    no_day_but_today - the mods all have different categories. Say a mod in J/L was having a busy week, so they didn't step into the queue as much as a H/G mod, who may have the week off, and decided to clear that whole cat. /example. Also remember that some categories [J/L, for example] are much more popular than cats such as Ron/OC, so fics in the smaller cat could get through quicker. Hope that answered your question!

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    This might have already been asked, but once you have posted a thread, how do you change the title? Not the title once you are in the thread, the one that you read when you go down the list of threads? I keep changing my title but it only changes the one that you see once you are in the thread. Sorry if this is confusing, just I don't know how better to say it. Can you help?

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    kathyhermy123: In order to change the main title of your thread, you will need to contact a moderator. I suggest contacting the individual who moderates the particular forum where your thread resides.

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    Hi! Up on the site I was just trying to read a 6th-7th years fic, but the little Script warning wasn't popping up, so I couldn't read it. Is it my computer or the site?


  8. 04-07-2007, 12:08 AM

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    Okay, if the thread that I create must be approved of by the mod that moderates that forum, then if it is not approved of, will I know? Or should I just assume that it hasn't been approved of? Will I get a PM?

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    Where? What?

    Hi I am brand new to this Forum, i though i would sign up because i love writing, and i want to share my writing with other people and get opinions on it.

    Where do i do this? Where about's, like, what board, do i post my stories to get opinions on it? I can't really work it out.


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    MrsRuebeusHagridDursley, I am not having any trouble with the pop-up warning appearing for 6th-7th years and Professors rated stories. If any other mod is having this problem, feel free to handle the question.

    ljroxyou, no PMs are sent out when threads are not approved. If you would like to be notified, you might want to contact the moderator of the forum you are posting to to ask if she will contact you if your thread is deleted.

    Heather25x, you can post an excerpt from your story or chapter in the Excerpts of Murtlap forum. link
    If you are talking about posting your whole story and getting reviews, you need to do that at the main site, MuggleNet Fan Fiction.

  12. 04-10-2007, 12:16 AM

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