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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part IX

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    submitting poetry

    I know that the answer is probably pretty simple, and something that I am for getting to do, but when I went to submit my poem on the mugglenet fanfiction site it said that it was to short, but in the rules it said that there was no minimum word count forpoetry.

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    Hi! I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong place, but who do I contact in order to change my birthday on my profile? Thanks.

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    Deleting fics from my account

    I am trying to delete a story from my account. It have gone in a deleted it twice, yet it has not disapeared. Is that something a Mod has to confirm and actually delete, or is there something else I have to do?

    EDIT:: There has been a mistake. I meant to delete my fic, What Hurts the Most, but in the process, both What Hurts the Most and Hope for Tomorrow have been delete. Hope for Tomorrow was not supposed to be deleted. Is there anyway this can be changed? Please tell me there is. I seriously didn't mean for this to happen. Please tell me this can fixed.

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    KEK, that question has been answered already. You need to add an Author's Note to the body of your submission to bring the word count up to at least 100 words.

    padfootsgirl1981, you can PM me to change the birthdate in your profile.

    AurorGirl101, I'm not sure how long you waited before deleting your chapter, but sometimes that kind of thing takes a little while. As for the situation now, there is no way to undelete a story or chapter. Once it has been deleted it is no longer in our archives. The only way to put that story back onto the site is to resubmit it to the queue.

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    Common rooms

    I read on the FAQs that once you're sorted into houses there are common rooms for each house on here. I haven't been sorted yet but i was wondering where i can find the common rooms for when i do get sorted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heather25x
    I read on the FAQs that once you're sorted into houses there are common rooms for each house on here. I haven't been sorted yet but i was wondering where i can find the common rooms for when i do get sorted?
    Once you are sorted, you will be able to see your common room forum.

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    I've been wondering this for the longest time: Do you have to put the warning of Slash in your fanfic if you have a gay character in it, but, they are not in a romantic nor sexual relationship with any other character in that fic?

    Because I've searched the web on the definition of Slash, and it says it has to be a relationship between two homosexual people who know they're involved with each other. But I'm curious on your policy about the matter.

    Does it count as Slash if the homosexual character has unrequited feelings for another character? What if they had no feelings for any of the characters, but they are still gay? This question's been nagging me for the longest time, so yes, an answer would be great.

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    Why do the houses on here only have 1 prefect, and not 2, like in HP? That's been bugging me.

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    dancingcarrot21, I would not require you to have a slash warning for having a gay character. Describing his/her crush on a member of the same sex would trigger use of the warning.

    nikkiolapotter, the houses are not so unruly that they need more than one prefect to watch over them. Also, I'm pretty certain at Hogwarts there are six prefects in a house (two from fifth, sixth, and seventh year).

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    I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but....

    For the little blurb under the "The Beta Guild" section, 'independent' is spelled wrong.

    Perfect Imagination is an independant Harry Potter Fanfiction BETA testing site dedicated to identifying the best BETA Readers in the fandom!
    Not the best impression for the Beta guild, no?


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