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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part IX

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    Does a nervous breakdown count as a mental disorder for the warnings?

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    AurorGirl101, I haven't heard of that problem occurring before, but there have been other weird email issues. So, unless it happens again, I would just consider it a glitch. If it does happen again, feel free to PM me and let me know so I can look into it.

    Ron x Hermione, are you meaning the Dubious Consent warning? We don't have a Dubious Content Warning. The Dubious Consent warning is explained on the Attaching Warnings section of the Help Page as:
    Dubious Consent
    Sex scenes where one or both partners have not given their express consent or may be under the influence.
    I hope that answers your question.

    no_day_but_today, in my opinion, the causes behind the nervous breakdown would help to determine if it needs a mental disorder warning. However, it is always better to err on the side of caution and attach the warning and then explain the warning in the summary of your story/chapter.

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    What is Sparklypoo and how do I post there? I assume it's some sort of House Unity thing, but I'm totally confused..


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    FenrirG, please read the Announcement about Sparkly-Poo in the Announcements Forum. You can like to it here.

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    Why am I not able to post in Sparkly-Poo? *read the announcement, cried a bit, then was confused*
    lurky! pm to keep in contact please!

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    Miss Bean, all members who were previously Sorted into other Houses should still have the same persmissions in Sparkly-Poo. If you are still having problems, please PM me to fix it.

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    Hi, I just wanted to ask whether the whole thing about MNFF closing was the main Mugglenet's choice or the Mods because I myself would seriously Mod heaps of stories everyday if people wanted it open still because I love it here and I can tell you know that since being a member of not only the forums, but MNFF itself, my English marks have gone really high.

    Either way, I want to thank all the mods and everyone on MNFF and its affliates for being such wonderful people and a great help.


    P.S: I hope that my post didn't sound rude in any shape or form because I don't intend for it to be. And I'm not angry, I'm sad

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    Oh my, i'm not angry, but I'm so sad! No appropriate emoticon, look...

    Is it the Mugglenet Fanfiction itself or just the forum which will close? I think I've read somewhere where a Mod said that even though HP is about to be finished, fanfiction will still be there.

    The announcement staggered me. I mean, MNFF have got to be the only fanfiction site out there whose standards have improved us as writers and Harry Potter fans.

    I wouldn't want this wonderful forum to stop either, I've made friends here! But at least we can still remember good times through MNFF if the stories and the submissions will remain.

    Whew! Cheering charm, please.


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    *begins to cry*

    Question. Are we still going to be able to read fics on MNFF or are they going to be deleted? Will we be able to submit? Also, how soon after book 7 will this shut down?

    This is so sad, this place has made me such a better writer and interpreter of books. I will be so devasted to see it go! Is there anything anyone can do to keep it alive? I mean, it doesn't really make sense to me because won't we be able to write awesome fanfiction now that we know all the facts?

    I hope this doesn't sound rude, I'm just really upset.

    *cries even louder*

    Wait a this an April Fools joke?

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    Miss_Evans Lily Sofi
    Yeah, I'm enjoying this site too!!! As everyone else, MNFF and the Boards made us better writrs, and we made friendships.I have the same question:How long after book 7, you will close MNFF ant the forums?

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