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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part IX

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    Banner difficulties

    Okay, this has been driving me insane for the past two days and I really, really hope you can help. I've been trying to post a story banner on my author's page. The first time I did it, the banner was too small. I changed it, but then after I'd uploaded the new banner to photobucket and tried to put it on my profile, the small banner still came up. Eventually, I logged out of everything and shut down my computer. The next day, I was able to put up the new and improved banner. However, since I'm a perfectionist, I fiddled with the banner some more and finished it. Now I want to put up this new banner. I've uploaded it to photobucket and deleted the old banner both from photobucket and my computer. But every time I try to put up my the final version of the banner, the small crappy one keeps popping up! I tried logging out and shutting down my computer again, but it didn't work. Does anyone know what's going on with this???? Please??? Thanks.

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    Hello! I am betaing for someone and she wanted to have the text become big in the middle of her fic to emphasize a statement. Does MNFF allow changes in font size? If so, what HTML tags are used?

    Thanks, for this, and everything else you do for this site!

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    Chaser921, I do not know much at all about adding images to your userpage, so hopefully another mod who has experience with banners, will be able to answer your question. You could also trying PMing your question to someone in the BA and they might be able to help.
    Edit: See Leah's response below. Thanks, Leah!

    hpluver365, MNFF does not allow changes in font. The approved html tags are listed in the Formatting section of the Help page on the main site.

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    Chaser921, did you save the new banner under the same name as the old banner? If you did, you just need to refresh the page after you add it to photobucket and the new banner should come up. Photobucket...'saves' the memory of a graphic, so if the same name is used, it will bring up the old banner until you refresh the page.


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    Thanks so much! You helped a lot, and now the right banner's coming up. Thank you!

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    I've just been pondering lately...

    Why is there an age limit for reading Professor rated fics but not for writing them?


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    Jenn22291, there is no way we control what is written by anybody. However, we have the responsibility of trying to keep underage people from reading material that is inappropriate for their age. That is why anyone who clicks on a Professors-rated fiction has to click on a pop-up warning them that the story may be inappropriate for anyone under seventeen. By clicking on that pop-up they acknowledge that they have been warned.

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    I have a question about what was said above about Professor rated fics. songbook99 said that those fics might contain material that's inappropriate for people under 17 and that we've been warned. Does this mean that it's not illegal/against the rules for someone under 17 to read a Professor rated fic?


    EDIT: Also, to post about being an avialable beta in the Classifieds, do we have to be PI accredited? Thanks, sorry about my many questions!

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    MrsRuebeusHagridDursley, it is against MNFF's rules for people under seventeen to read a Professor-rated story. And, no, you do not have to be PI Accredited to post in the Beta Classified forum. You only have to be PI Accredited to join the Beta Guild and post there.

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    Hi! I have another question...obviously! I know that we aren't supposed to post links to other sites on the forums but on my beta page, I keep a list of stories I have betaed that have been validated, fics in the queue, and ones I am working on in the order I'm working on them in. Since I beta stuff from another site too, am I allowed to include the title and author in my list of fics I'm working on and the links to the validated ones so authors can see what I've done? Its only two of them. If not, can I say the name of the site and the names of the fics and how to find them without giving a direct link?

    Thank you!

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