Okay, this has been driving me insane for the past two days and I really, really hope you can help. I've been trying to post a story banner on my author's page. The first time I did it, the banner was too small. I changed it, but then after I'd uploaded the new banner to photobucket and tried to put it on my profile, the small banner still came up. Eventually, I logged out of everything and shut down my computer. The next day, I was able to put up the new and improved banner. However, since I'm a perfectionist, I fiddled with the banner some more and finished it. Now I want to put up this new banner. I've uploaded it to photobucket and deleted the old banner both from photobucket and my computer. But every time I try to put up my the final version of the banner, the small crappy one keeps popping up! I tried logging out and shutting down my computer again, but it didn't work. Does anyone know what's going on with this???? Please??? Thanks.