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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part IX

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    JewellPotterFan: Those are little...things...that gather information for search engines. So when someone Googles or uses Yahoo search those little spiders have gathered information for what is being searched.

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    Hi. I sincerely hope this hasn't been asked - I skimmed the threads and didn't see it, so...

    I have written a fic for MNFF, yet I am wondering if it is too violent/profane. I don't think it is that bad, but I want to be sure. I was wondering how I should contact a mod about this? I don't, obviously, want to post it here. Should I PM them? Email them? And it is a D/A story - who should I contact?



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    I don't know if this is a dumb question, but when does a story become a crossover? I know that you're allowed to take inspiration from something, but aren't allowed to have a crossover. When does a story become officially become a crossover though?

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    Kate-- Thanks for asking. It means a lot that you're invested enough to go out of your way to ensure a story's appropriate for MNFF. Our motto has always been, "when in doubt, ask a mod," so I think that's what we'll do. PM your story to me (whichever part[s] you're worried about) and I'll look it over myself.

    christinem-- Good question. Yes, drawing inspiration from other works of art is perfectly natural. However, I would venture to say that a story becomes a crossover when the inspiration becomes overt. For example: using specific characters, names, locations, or otherwise peculiar terms and concepts particular to another fandom. For instance, if you're a Lord of the Rings fan, you might have an affinity for Legolas. It would be fine to use some of Legolas' personality traits in one of your OCs (afterall, personality traits can't be trademarked), but it would not be fine to use the name/character of Legolas in your story. Also, using locations in LOTR would be out of line too; for instance, Mordor, the Misty Mountains, Shire, etc. Non-HP fandom-specific characters and places are a "no." Generally speaking, a story becomes a crossover when it mixes two or more fandoms. The idea is to stick to HP.

    (Note: Sometimes, very rare exceptions will be made, such as in the case of a Humor story that will cite something from an outside fandom as a punchline. Do not bank on being granted this exception, however. They're one in a million.)


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    Madame Marauder
    About the crossover question, though...

    What if we are retelling a story, but having it take place in the Harry Potter universe? I've done it with Greek Mythology and fairytales, can it be done with other things (EX novels)?

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    Madame Marauder, as long as no characters or specific places from the other book are being used, then you are okay using the book for inspiration.

    Greek Mythology and fairy tales are a bit different than other books since there are various versions of almost all greek myths and fairy tales. Also, with both of those, there was a lot of supernatural activity going on that can be worked into the history of the Harry Potter universe if done so carefully.

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    Is the graveyard section still open for public viewing? I remember the old forum having it. I am in need of looking at an 8 page thread that use to be in the Gryffindor common room. It is for a story that I was personally challenged to write by Bethany. Thanks.

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    blackfoot, after some consideration, The Graveyard is going to remain closed to users. If you need to have a thread retried from it, you will need to contact a moderator with the thread title to see if it is still in The Graveyard. If it is something you need from a thread in your Common Room, you might want to try your Head of House or Prefect first to see if they can move the thread back to your common room.

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    Winged Artemis


    Okay. I know you guys are going to say, "I've been asked this question before" whatever, but something odd has happened to my *gasp* post count.

    It went from 184 to 0 in an afternoon. But, it still says "Swallowing the Golden Snitch". Is that natural that, like, all of the 184 posts I've written were suddenly deleted? Or is it a glitch?

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    Winged Artemis-- I searched for your posts, and it appears they haven't been deleted. At least, not all of them, so you're right-- the post count shouldn't be reading 0. I'd venture to say it's a glitch. I fixed it, though. Sorry about that, love! Those post counts are tricky buggers.

    A quick note to all users (and this is not directed to Winged Artemis, but rather to the forums as a whole, as countless users have asked about this): please do not fuss over your post counts, folks. It exists at all just as a fun little addition, nothing more. If your count goes up by 150, down by 150, or disappears completely, or even if it does cartwheels across your monitor, it really doesn't matter. It carries no weight whatsoever, and is utterly insignificant to both fan fiction and the Harry Potter fandom at large, which is what we'd hoped this thread would be for. I speak for all the mods when I say we would rather limit our time and energy to answering relevant questions. So please refrain from becoming emotionally attached to your post counts. And only ask us about them if the feeling you get upon discovering its inaccurate is like that of the feeling you'd get if you were receiving a dementor's kiss. Maybe then the situation will be serious enough for us to consider it a priority. *wink*

    Aaaaaand I will freely accept my punishment of rotten fruit, now.


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