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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part IX

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    Okay, yet another question from me. What is the "rating" of this site? I was looking the the member list, to get a good avatar from one of them (lol) and I noticed many of the avatars were 'X' rated, or at least PG-13. (Invloving sexual related content) This does not seem right for what is said to be a 'family type site' I know you have to be 13, but what where would you draw the line? I am not complainng, as I am perfectly fine with that sort of thing, but many of the average 13 year olds are not. What do you deem appropriate and/or inapropriate?

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    Snape's Talon, I'm sorry for the seeming conflicting information from the mods, including myself, about how to proper cite quotations used in fanfictions. The rule is that any direct quotation needs an asterisk (*) at the end of the quotation and a corresponding citation at the end of the chapter containing the author's name, book title, year of publication, publisher, and place of publication. I hope that clears things up as that is the general rule all moderators should be following.

    shihtzu71894, the 'rating' of this site itself is PG-13 since members can access the public areas of this site, including the members list. If you are seeing inappropriate avatars, please PM a moderator with the users name so they can look at it and take the proper action.

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    Just to go firther on my question, I don't =want to bother the mods any more than absolutley neccesary, so I want to know what qualifies as PG-13. Does sexual content on an avatar go beyond this rating?

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    shihtzu71894, anything more than a simple kiss would be considered inappropriate.

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    I know this is a totally idiotic question, but the avatar I have now *displays Frollo fondly* is 100 x 100 on all of the other sites I belong to. However, it's oddly tiny on this one. How can I make it 100 x 100? I just copied the URL from it on my other sites.

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    Hi! Apparently my avatar was deleted because it is inappropriate? I didn't see anything wrong with it - any idea why? I'm confused!

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    Schmerg, I'm not the right person to answer this, sorry! Try uploading it onto an image hosting site like photobucket, and copying the URL from there.

    Pants, this means your avatar was either animated or had an image or phrase that contained maturity over the PG 13 level.

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    I can only hold 3 Private Messages. Could you tell me I can get more?

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    To get more inbox space, you must be Sorted. PM SongBook99 and ask for the Sorting quiz.

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    I've noticed this on the "Who's Online" page - What on earth is a Yahoo! Slurp Spider? I'm rather confused.

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