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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part IX

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    Ask a Moderator - Part IX

    Please view our Frequently Asked Questions before posting your questions here, and also make sure your question has not already been asked.

    [The more people ask the same question, the more pages there are, which cause more people to not take the time to read it, causing them to post the same question and the vicious cycle continues]

    Please, allow MODERATORS ONLY to answer the questions in this thread.

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    Snape's Talon
    Two main questions.

    When lifting a few lines directly from any HP book, is it necessary to footnote the exact page or will book title, chapter, edition (US/UK), year published and author suffice? What if the little segments are from several pages within a chapter? Would it then become necessary to actually put in the little (1) or (3) number annotations within the body of the story and follow up with the corresponding page number in the footnotes?

    Edit: I mention edition mostly because there are minor differences between UK and US books. Might be important to the Mods if one is directly quoting.

    And second, how flexible are the Mods when submissions come in that were originally part of assignments from Hogwarts? Case in point, the drabble I co-wrote features both Lucius and Narcissa filling out dating ads. This is quite OOC, especially as Lucius did his while in Azkaban. However, it worked well within the criteria set forth by the Professor.

    Thanks for your time and patience!

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    No one answered in the last thread before it was locked so I'll just post it here again.

    After a couple days ago, which was daylight savings, we had the message DST Settings Updated pop up when we visit the site. But everytime when I log on, that message pops up. Does it happen to everyone and if not, is it supposed to be happening to me everytime I log on. Just curious.

    On a side note, you modlies are doing an excellent job. Really. I appreciate everything you do for the site.


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    Snape's Talon, for me, it would be okay if you just include the book title and chapter title and edition (though I think the chapter titles are all the same in each edition, but I'll have to check my books at home). I think it can be assumed that almost everyone reading stories on MNFF knows that JK Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter series, so you only have to include if you really want to.

    As for the issues of turning assignments from Hogwarts into submission on the main site, I think as long as it fits the criteria for validation it should be fine. For the piece you mentioned, I think it might fit in Humor as long as Lucius and Narcissa are essentially themselves, even when filling out the dating ad, and not completely unrecognizable.

    sayiansirius, I'm not getting any message like the one you're talking about when I log in. PM me with the details if it is still happening and I'll see what I can find out.

    Edit: Look at Potterphile12's post if you have problems with a pop-up when you sign in.

    Thanks for the additional info, Anasuya! *hugs*

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    Quote Originally Posted by songbook99
    sayiansirius, I'm not getting any message like the one you're talking about when I log in. PM me with the details if it is still happening and I'll see what I can find out.
    Actually, I was getting the same message when I signed in, but I cleared my cookies, history and my temp internet files and the message stopped. Sometimes that's all it takes. Try that and if it persists, PM Karin.

    Sorry, Karin. I know you already answered this one.

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    I have to stop using arrows to indicate my embarressment.

    Would one of you lovely ladies or gents be able to delete a review for me so I can start fresh?

    I hate peas.

    And for future referrance (and hopefully correct spelling) is there someone I should PM straight away, instead of clogging up this thread? I've been out of the action for a little while

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    Winged Artemis


    Okay. I know you guys are going to say, "I've been asked this question before" whatever, but something odd has happened to my *gasp* post count.

    It went from 184 to 0 in an afternoon. But, it still says "Swallowing the Golden Snitch". Is that natural that, like, all of the 184 posts I've written were suddenly deleted? Or is it a glitch?

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    Winged Artemis-- I searched for your posts, and it appears they haven't been deleted. At least, not all of them, so you're right-- the post count shouldn't be reading 0. I'd venture to say it's a glitch. I fixed it, though. Sorry about that, love! Those post counts are tricky buggers.

    A quick note to all users (and this is not directed to Winged Artemis, but rather to the forums as a whole, as countless users have asked about this): please do not fuss over your post counts, folks. It exists at all just as a fun little addition, nothing more. If your count goes up by 150, down by 150, or disappears completely, or even if it does cartwheels across your monitor, it really doesn't matter. It carries no weight whatsoever, and is utterly insignificant to both fan fiction and the Harry Potter fandom at large, which is what we'd hoped this thread would be for. I speak for all the mods when I say we would rather limit our time and energy to answering relevant questions. So please refrain from becoming emotionally attached to your post counts. And only ask us about them if the feeling you get upon discovering its inaccurate is like that of the feeling you'd get if you were receiving a dementor's kiss. Maybe then the situation will be serious enough for us to consider it a priority. *wink*

    Aaaaaand I will freely accept my punishment of rotten fruit, now.


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    Banner difficulties

    Okay, this has been driving me insane for the past two days and I really, really hope you can help. I've been trying to post a story banner on my author's page. The first time I did it, the banner was too small. I changed it, but then after I'd uploaded the new banner to photobucket and tried to put it on my profile, the small banner still came up. Eventually, I logged out of everything and shut down my computer. The next day, I was able to put up the new and improved banner. However, since I'm a perfectionist, I fiddled with the banner some more and finished it. Now I want to put up this new banner. I've uploaded it to photobucket and deleted the old banner both from photobucket and my computer. But every time I try to put up my the final version of the banner, the small crappy one keeps popping up! I tried logging out and shutting down my computer again, but it didn't work. Does anyone know what's going on with this???? Please??? Thanks.

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    Hello! I am betaing for someone and she wanted to have the text become big in the middle of her fic to emphasize a statement. Does MNFF allow changes in font size? If so, what HTML tags are used?

    Thanks, for this, and everything else you do for this site!

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