Hi, my name is Albus Boot.

Yeah, I know, my dad thought it would be a great idea to name me after his headmaster. Most people call me Al though, so that's ok. You should call me that too!

Anyway, I'm eleven, and I'm about to go to Hogwarts! I'm really excited for that. My dad was in Ravenclaw, and my mom was in Hufflepuff, so I'm not really sure what house I'm going to be in, but that's ok. My dad says it doesn't matter which one I'll be in, because I'll be great.

We're packing up to go to King's Cross now, so I'll try to be quick.

We live in London, the best city on the planet. Don't know where else I'd live. Like to live.

I'm the oldest, I have a brother and a sister. Mum and Dad say I have to look after George and Tansy, but I'm only eleven.

It's unfair that I got the weirdest name, don't you think? Albus, George and Tansy.

Oh, Mum says we've got to go!

I'll see you at the station, maybe? I've got a tawny owl, I'm tall for my age, and I've got dark hair! I hope you can find me there!


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