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Thread: August Activities 2012

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    Oooh! I'd love to do this! Yay!
    ~ Pooja

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    Yay, participationnnnnnnnnn!

    Now, I've paired off everyone with one veteran member who's done this before and one of the newer members. This way, you'll have someone to ask questions in case you don't know quite what to do. Most of you have multiple stories, so that will help, as well. Here are your SPEW buddies:

    BP ♥ Soraya
    Ellie ♥ Pooja
    Maple ♥ Sophie
    Meg ♥ Nadia

    Have fun, ladies!
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    If you could pick one real book that you feel would fit into the HP universe the best, what would it be and why? Author?
    I just read 1984 by George Orwell and it blew my mind with its brilliance. I feel that it would fit into the HP universe because it deals with situations they have been accustomed to during Voldemort's rule - although here it might be a little more extreme.

    In terms of fitting with the actual HP world, I think it works well: especially with Deathly Hallows. Harry, Ron and Hermione have to be careful about where they talk, the way they communicate, because they don't know when people are listening. In Orwell's world, telescreens constantly keep watch over citizens, who therefore cannot safely verbalise any kind of rebellious thoughts. I think magical readers could relate to the reign of terror, of not knowing who would disappear next, of what might happen to them in the future. Fortunately for them, their ending is much more positive than that of 1984's, but that doesn't mean that they wouldn't find striking similarities.

    It obviously has the theme of repression running throughout, but the theme of love is, perhaps surprisingly, a strong one. Winston's love for Julia is supposed to be stronger than the tyrannical government, but is finally broken after seemingly undending torture. Perhaps a grimmer note than the HP series, but it's interesting to compare the two alternative messages about love. I wonder what JK Rowling would argue if her characters were placed in the same situation as Winston - would Ron beg that an attack of spiders be given to Hermione instead of him? Or is his love stronger that Winston's? The book raises an unceasing amount of interesting questions, and I think a lot of them could apply to the Potterverse as well.

    New TQ: Hermione is sure to have read a wealth of Muggle literature. Which book or author do you think she would enjoy the most? Why do you think this?

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    Well, I think my opinions of this have changed quite a bit over time. To begin with, I thought it was neither here nor there whether or not an author decided to include Mr Darcy in a story. But things have changed now.

    If you could pick one real book that you feel would fit into the HP universe the best, what would it be and why? Author?

    Gone With the Wind. <3333 that book so much. A lot of it is set during the American Civil War (I think...) which is pretty similar, maybe, to the first wizarding war. Hmm, not sure about author. I might edit in

    At what point do you get annoyed with the addition of Muggle literature in a HP fanfic? What about non-fanfic reading?

    Oh, I read a fic once where Harry decided to go to university, and I think it was rather contrived in the first place since we know he becomes an Auror and doesn't seem that into school. Anyway, Harry reads all these classics for his, um, English Literature (presumably) degree, and I just think the references were unnecessary because they weren't conducive to the plot, as far as I could tell. Mind, I didn't really like this fic at all, so perhaps I'm biased, but when it gets to that stage where the story contains so many references to books that even you get confused, then you know the author is most likely just putting across their taste in books and that's it.

    Hermione is sure to have read a wealth of Muggle literature. Which book or author do you think she would enjoy the most? Why do you think this?

    Something literary, for sure. I think she'd like Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte because of the powerful female characters.

    In a similar vein, what do you think of fanfic authors who use RL songs within the fic?

    When I say that, I don't mean basing the story off the lyrics -- I mean, you know, "Rose Weasley put in her headphones and listened to her favourite song, Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber". :P

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