(Author's note: This character has existed in my head for almost ten years now, and I finally feel accomplished enough as a writer to do something with her! I don't know how fan fiction like this is received since siblings of main characters can be far-fetched, even for an AU fic, so I welcome and encourage all constructive advice)

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't replied to your letters, I've barely had a spare moment to sit down and introduce myself. This penpal service is certainly time-consuming, especially for someone like me. I suppose the first thing that you should know about me (since the service already gave you my name) is that I am the mother to six wonderful, energetic and brilliant children, ranging in age from eighteen years old to four months. They're certainly a handful. My oldest daughter, Margaret, was born in 1997, when I was nineteen. She's a reserve Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies this year, after playing for Gryffindor at Hogwarts for five years. She's grown into a remarkable young woman.

None of the rest of my children are in Hogwarts yet; my husband and I waited quite a while in between our first and second child so that we could get our footing in our marriage and as adults and individuals, since we were so very young when Margaret was born. My husband, Fred, is one of the co-founders of the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, a joke shop you may have been to in Diagon Alley. It's hard to miss! Anyway, we have three daughters and two sons besides Margaret: Emmaline, who is nearly ten; twins, Brian and John, who are five; Ruby, who is three; and finally Dora, who is four months old.

I've worked on the Third Floor of St. Mungo's as a resident Healer for about twelve years, taking care of people with potion and plant poisoning. It's undoubtably an interesting and rewarding job, and I've seen a lot of things in my time. Not too infrequently, I find myself treating victims of my husband's products. Sometimes being married to him is a little like having a seventh child!

I don't know if they enclosed my maiden name in your information, but I figure it will come up sometime, probably sooner rather than later! My nieces and nephews include James, Albus and Lily Potter, not least of all because their mother is also my husband's sister (I suppose we're creating a kind of family wreath this generation- Ha!). I've read the multitude of biographies about Harry, and in the several cases that I am mentioned, their information is complete! I don't know much about why I was separated before the attack, but I assume Dumbledore must have planned to move Harry as well, maybe the next day. It's unfortunate, as well as enlightening, I suppose, that Harry and my parents became as famous as they did, as it led to the wide publication of the fact that our mother was pregnant in her last months at Hogwarts. Student pregnancy is an incredibly hushed-up facet of Hogwarts life, but is certainly not as uncommon as it's made out to be, as most female students know. The availability of spells for concealment makes the male population rather uninformed, since they don't tend to gossip the way girls do when rumors start and the evidence may not appear underneath the individual in questions' robes.

I grew up without Harry, in a wizarding household. My guardian, Emmaline Vance, was killed the summer after I left Hogwarts in her home in London. She raised me well. I knew about Harry, and I missed him terribly, but I eventually grew to understand why I couldn't speak to him, especially after hearing Emmaline's reports of what my aunt and uncle were like. Magic was dangerous to him until he had to embrace it at the age of eleven. I met him for the first time in ten years in Diagon Alley, where I helped him shop for his first school supplies, and it was almost like we had never been apart.

I was close with Harry in school, sometimes interfering with his social life. My thirteen year old self didn't quite understand how devastatingly uncool it was to be looked after by your big sister, even if you are The Boy Who Lived!

I think that's enough to get us started with some conversation, don't you think? We're having Harry, Ginny and the kids over for tea this afternoon, and this letter is starting to feel just like a litany of information I'm trying to pass on. Please write soon!