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Thread: Dumbledore blood type

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    Dumbledore blood type

    Does anyone know what blood type Dumbledore was?

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    That's for you to decide! Of course, wizards may have extremely rare blood types, because of their genetics.

    Personally, I'd make him A+, proving that he's top of the class at everything.


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    When you say Blood type, do you mean blood group or blood status? If you mean blood group, then as Neil said you can make him anything.

    Personally, I'd make him A+, proving that he's top of the class at everything.
    Lol, I'm A+ and I'm top of my class too

    If you mean blood status, then I asume he's a Pureblood (or maybe Half-blood). His parents were both magical, so he's definitely not a Muggleborn. I personally don't think he's half-blood though. If I were you I'd make him a Pureblood.


    EDIT: Oh yes, he was a Half-blood. Thank you, Maple!

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    In DH, it is said that Kendra Dumbledore is Muggleborn, but that she pretended not to, thus making Dumbledore a half-blood.
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    Blood status sorry Nadia.
    The A+ thing is so not true! I'm B+ and I'm top of my class.
    Maple, thank you. I think you're right.

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    Well, Muriel does say in DH that Kendra was a Muggleborn, but I personally doubt that. She may have been a Halfblood, though, making her children Halfbloods as well.

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    using rare and complicated words
    Kendra was a Muggleborn, not totally sure why you doubt that.

    This is from Wiki

    Muriel claimed her to be Muggle-born and that she attempted to hide that fact. Doge, although he stated that she did nothing of the sort, did not contradict the claim about her heritage
    Anyway, even if she was a half blood, Albus, Aberforth and Ariana would still be classed as half bloods as there is some Muggle blood in their ancestry. For a family like the Blacks, any Muggle ancestor would be disgraceful. For a family like the Malfoys, however, a half blood in the family isn't necessarily bad. (See Pottermore)


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    Agree with Carole.

    I am O positive, and I have topped classes a fair few times. Where does this blood group prejudice spring from? :P

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    I agree with half-blood - somebody in the books (I can't remember who) said that technically, almost anyone is a half-blood, as practically everyone has some Muggle ancestry. So even if Kendra only had one Muggle parent, and Muriel got the Muggleborn thing from Skeeter's book, it would still make Dumbledore a half-blood.

    And my mum and I are O- and O+ respectively and were both very much top-of-the-class people. It would still be cute to have Dumbledore as an A+, though, if somebody for some reason needs his blood type.
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    For his blood type, it would be O+ since he's a wizard! Sorry, not on topic :\

    We also know that he had an aunt named Honoria, so you might want to look her up on any Potter sites.

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