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    Violet Flynn

    Hello there! My name is Violet Flynn. I am 11 years old, almost 12. My birthday is September 26th, 2004(A/N: My birthday is the same, except I was born in 1998.)\

    I have light brown hair and blue eyes. My mum say I'm beautiful, but that's just because she's my mum. I'm of medium height.

    A man called Neville Longbottom just came and told me I am a witch, and that I have been accepted in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Is this just a joke?
    I can't be witch. How can I be a witch?

    I already know French, and am starting Portuguese in September.
    Besides, I am enrolled in Harlow Girl's Institute. I have to go there.

    I am a shy person. I don't like being the new student. What if I'm the worst there?
    What if everyone hates me?[

    I have to go now. Bye!

    How do I interest you? What do you want to know about me?


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    Hi Violet!

    I understand that you have some reservations about attending a new school. That's not unusual for someone your age.

    What were your parents' reactions to Mr. Longbottom's visit? Do they want you to go to Hogwarts?

    If changing schools were not an issue, what are your feelings about finding out that you're a witch?

    Tell me a bit about what you like to do in your spare time. What subjects do you like best in school, besides languages?

    I hope that you are able to make a decision that's right for you. You may find a wonderful adventure waiting for you if you are able to move beyond your fears. Best wishes!

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    Do you think this is a joke?

    EDIT: Have you based Violet on me? You seem to have. If you have, thank you hun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nargles-girl
    Do you think this is a joke?

    EDIT: Have you based Violet on me? You seem to have. If you have, thank you hun.
    Based on you? Do you share a birthday as well?

    This isn't helping Nidhi develop her character which is the purpose of these threads. If you're friends, perhaps save the conversation for PMs or AIM chats. There is a fairly strict policy on the boards not to spam because this clutters up the server space. Therefore character threads should be used to ask characters questions.

    (apologies if I am stepping on toes, Mods, but as a Spam Auror ... )


    Violet, hi, how are you?

    Are you excited about going to Hogwarts ... at all?

    You sound completely surprised by Professor Longbottom's visit, but has anything weird happened to you that you can't explain?

    What year is this?

    Have you read any text books yet? If so, what looks interesting?

    Why are you learning Portuguese? (It's not a set language in UK schools because of its complicated verbs and grammar rules we tend to stick to French, German and Spanish)

    Message for Nidhi. Uh, I really wouldn't call it Harlow Institute. Harlow is a fairly well-known town in Essex which is not known for its academia. In fact it's most well known for being the place where the Essex Girl joke was born ... which isn't very nice.


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    Welcome to the wizarding world, Violet!

    Do you have any siblings?

    What do your parents do for a living?

    Do you have any close friends? What are they like?

    Good luck at whatever school you go to and I hope you have fun.
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