I am very confused. I just reread and rewatched the first Harry Potter, and Quirrel intrigues me.

When we first meet him, he actually shakes Harry's hand (pg 70 of American version), but later it says that Quirrel could not bare to touch Harry's skin because of the protection set by his mother. So, how could he shake Harry's hand?

Another question- we know from all the books that when a new teacher is taken on, they announce it at the feast. But Quirrel was never announced, and Percy knew Quirrel (at least, I gather that since he seemed impressed that Harry also knew him). Plus, on page 71, Hagrid says Quirrel is scared of his subject and his students- but how would he know? The DADA job is supposed to be cursed, and Dumbleodre even said a teacher has never lasted more than a year since he refused the post to Lord Voldemort. So, was Quirrel a teacher before Harry came as part of DADA? Is it possible that a teacher can teach more than a year in that subject, but not have them consecutive? (Hagrid did say that Quirrel took a year off to get some experience).

I also wonder if Dumbledore knew he was practically giving Voldemort the DADA job...

Just musing.