Hello, all!

In my latest fic I have a character suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) and I was wondering-- how would the Healers diagnose the disease? In the Muggle world, doctors carry out several investigations-- there is a blood picture, bone marrow examination, urine examination, lumbar puncture, X-Rays, etc. Only after these tests are confirmed can the disease be diagnosed.

Most of these tests involve needles and though I do see modern-day Healers using needles sometimes (as alternative routes of treatment and stuff), I don't know if they'd do a whole collection of investigations using needles (or would they in fact accept Muggle medicine enough to do just that?). And though there are some general symptoms related to ALL, those don't indicate definitive diagnosis. To add to it all, leukaemia definitely needs at least a blood and bone marrow picture for the diagnosis (because it has a few types and the person must be treated for the right type).

And even apart from leukaemia there are certain diseases (some infections) which require blood testing and stuff and I don't see how Healers could diagnose the patient without a blood sample.

Any thoughts on how the Healers would carry out the diagnosis? Would they use needles after all?

What about treatment? Does anyone see Healers evolving from Potion-drinking and wand-waving to actually finding faster ways to introduce the medicine into the patient's system? The patients can't always drink potions-- there are a number of complications they could have from diseases (or even mere unconsciousness) which would prevent them from being able to drink the potion and it doesn't look wise on the Healers' part to wait for the patient to be able to ingest stuff before starting treatment.

And my last question: Since Healers don't believe in needles, injectable vaccines for the kids are out of question. Any ideas on how Wizarding kids would be immunised?

I know. I'm obsessed with medical stuff, >.<

Thank you!