You are presented with two stories: one rated Professors with warnings for Suicide, Abuse, and Violence, and one rated 1st/2nd Years that features your OTP and Mild Profanity. Both seem equally interesting to you. Would you choose the story with a higher rating over the lower rated one, or vice versa?
Definitely my OTP. For me, fanfic is escape reading for me, so I always go for light, fluffy, feel good material.

Are there any ratings or warnings that are dealbreakers for you?
Basically only same sex pairings, as I come from a pretty conservative religion.

So I figured I’d talk about the one thing that has been talked about a lot. Teacher/student relationships. I’ve actually written one, but looking back, I think there was some stuff I definitely should have expanded in terms of being more sensitive about it. In general, student/teacher is one warning I happen to really like. I think that there is so much that can be explored, if handled properly. At the same time, I think it can also be a disaster when handled immaturely and insensitively.

NEW TQ: Does the number of warnings matter to you? Is there only so much you can take? For example, would you read something with character death, abuse, violence, substance abuse, and suicide, or is that too much at one time?