One of the primary safeguards on the archives that keep readers from encountering themes they would rather not is the rating/warning system. While not failproof, it does allow readers a preview of any heavy or potentially unfriendly themes that might crop up in a story. For some, such themes and higher ratings are a deal-breaker; for others, however, sometimes, they are a deal-MAKER.

What I would like to discuss is how a story's rating affects your desire to read it. As usual, ask and answer one topic question (TQ). Returning to the discussion is both allowed and encouraged. Here are a few to get you started.:

You are presented with two stories: one rated Professors with warnings for Suicide, Abuse, and Violence, and one rated 1st/2nd Years that features your OTP and Mild Profanity. Both seem equally interesting to you. Would you choose the story with a higher rating over the lower rated one, or vice versa?

Are there any ratings or warnings that are dealbreakers for you?

Have you ever stopped reading a story because you encountered an uncomfortable subject not covered in the warnings?

This activity must be completed by no later than the end of the day on 15th August to count as your monthly activity in your July requirements.