That's right, it's back! You all seemed to enjoy it, so why not make it an annual thing?

As I have come to learn, many of us enjoy a good ship. While this activity is not necessarily about rarepairs, it is centring around pairings that are new to you in particular. That means that it could be anything or anyone! Très exciting, no? My challenge to you is this:

Write a drabble with a pairing that you have never written before. It could be a canon couple or a non-canon couple. The only restrictions are that they must be ships you've never written , and both characters involved in the ship must be canon characters. You are permitted to use background OCs, but the individuals who are in the couple must have an existence in canon and be in the time period JKR put them — no Hermione time-turning to go date Godric Gryffindor (LOL). It sounds constrictive, but it's really not.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but as per MNFF submission rules, there is to be NO incest or bestiality. So, sorry to all you Hedwig/Voldemort or Bill/Ginny shippers, but te ne permites pas! Also, in accordance to the rules, you must affix proper rating and warning tags to your drabble. Nothing above 6th-7th Years will be permitted, and content of a strong sexual, violent, or profane nature is prohibited, as this is a family forum and viewable by all. If there are naughty words, please edit them like f*** or b****, or the forum censor will **** them entirely and no one will know what you mean.

This month, we're going to do things a bit differently. Instead of posting the drabbles yourself, you will be sending them to me via PM with the entry form below. I will be posting them anonymously, and next month, we will VOTE on the winners! Yes, we're going to actually have drabbles JUDGED! The winner will then be awarded with not only the prestige of winning, but they will also carry away ten house points for their excellence. If there are five or more entrants, a second place will be awarded with a five point prize. You may submit up to three drabbles if you like, but bear in mind that all the drabbles will be voted on individually and your entries will be competing against themselves. If there are less than five entries, I may extend the deadline.

Due to the nature of the activity, I'm going to extend the word limit to 1000, with a minimum of 300. No one dislikes butchering content for the sake of word count more than me. My best advice is to plan for less in case you do get more. It's less painful than to chop something you love to bits.

This is a nice opportunity for those of you who missed 007 to do some SPEWly writing. With that, get drabbling!

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As this is an anonymous activity, it is not eligible toward your July/August monthly requirements. However, it is a lot of fun and you should consider doing it anyway to make your SPEW Queen happy. <3 It does carry the same time limit, though, in that all entries must be sent to me by no later than the end of the day on 15th August to be considered in the voting. All members of SPEW, including probationary members (newbies) and those on hiatus or RAC-only members, are eligible to participate.