I've got several questions about Azkaban for my current fic, and I haven't read the books in a really, really long time, so my knowledge of anything HP is pretty shaky, to be honest. Anyway:

1. Can anyone visit prisoners? Do they have to be a certain age? Must they prove their identity in some way?

2. How do you get to Azkaban? I know it's an island, but does the visitor have to work out their journey or does the prison have a ferry system for visitors?

3. Do minors still go to Azkaban if they've committed crimes? Are their sentences reduced because they are minors? What about good behavior; is that a thing?

4. After Harry defeats Voldemort, does Azkaban still employ the Dementors? If not, does the prison simply employ human guards now? Would it be considered AU if a Next-Gen fic still had Dementors in Azkaban?