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Thread: Summer Dream/ Nightmare (Summer Challenge) RESULTS

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    Summer Dream/ Nightmare (Summer Challenge) RESULTS

    'Summer lovin' had me a blast.
    Summer lovin' happened so fast.'

    I'm well aware that with the brawl, I have been sadly neglecting The Three Broomsticks, so thought it was about time I set up a fun challenge for all you drabblers and barflies out there who want to write.

    And thus the SUMMER DREAM / NIGHTMARE CHALLENGE hath been created.

    'It turned colder that's where it ends.'

    It is based on love ... please stop groaning. Love can be found in so many forms, so I wouldn't want you thinking it has to be all fluff (dream) or angst (nightmare). And anyway, this is a different type of challenge because I'm not setting the prompts - you are.

    EDIT: To clear up any confusion, the prompts don't have to be literal dreams/nightmares. A dream is a lovely thing; a nightmare is nasty. (It's the summer equivalent of Weasley Jumper/Dursley Miser)

    Here's how it goes.

    Drabbler A sets two promps asking for either a Dream or a Nightmare. You may specify which characters you'd like to see in the drabble,and ask for a prop in the drabble, but don't be too specific. Drabbler B likes the look of one of the prompts, claims it and sets their own prompts for Drabbler C (and so on and so on).

    The competition is going to run from today (July 12th) until August 13th. (8PM BST) This means all drabbles have to be written and the links posted in your posts by the time I close this thread.

    There will be participation points for completed drabbles (per drabble not per person so get drabbling!) plus points for the best drabbles and possibly the best prompt (depending on what type of mood I'm in when I get back from holiday).

    Only one person can claim a person's prompt. You have to claim the prompt and write the drabble for the person immediately preceding you. (I hope this is making sense). The unused prompt in each person's post cannot be written for this challenge - although you're perfectly welcome to write it for fun.

    When you have completed your drabble, please post in your drabble thread and then edit the link into your original post.

    EDIT: All drabbles should be between 200-500 words.

    Another Edit: The barmaid reserves the right to add extra prompts if someone sets a prompt that proves unpopular and is unclaimed after three days.

    Okay, so I shall start the ball rolling.


    A) Dream - Charlie/Tonks - one of them sneezing.


    B) Nightmare - Oliver Wood - a glass of vodka.

    Happy Drabbling!

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