So I am writing a one shot about Cho in Muggle London after the War and I have a bit of a random question...

Does anyone know or know how I could find out, what was playing in London theaters that year?

In my story Cho is just wandering around London, going to museums, trying to feel alive again. One of the things that I considered having her do is going to a musical. ... The problem is I have no idea what was playing on the West End in 2001... and I have no idea how I would find out.

If anyone has any ideas about that, or would like to dispute my assertion that Cho might go to a musical, just to escape, please let me know.

Oh, I'm also still looking for a neighborhood that Cho might live in in London in 2001. I imagine her being half-blood with a Muggle-born father, and Muggle cousins. She isn't working, but might be sharing a flat with a cousin in lieu of living completely alone. She would need her own room if that is the case though. She does have some savings in Galleons. Her mother is still alive and willing to give her some money as well.

Third, I posted in the British thread, and I need to investigate music schools, but if anyone knows which music schools have really good piano programs (she's going to meet a piano player) also, please post and tell me.

Thank you!