A question I've had floating around in my head for years is this:

What happens after you're kissed by a dementor?

I seem to recall Sirius (or actually it could have been Remus... I need to re-read PoA!) describing it as being 'worse than death', but not actually death.

It seems to be that you're left with just your body, perfectly functional, but without everything that makes you 'you'. Comparable to brain death perhaps?

But if your body still functions, what happens next? Are you just left to die? Or does the kiss in fact kill you?

As an example, what happened to Barty Crouch Jnr after Fudge allowed the dementors to administer the kiss? Did he die? I'm confused, canon seems to say that you don't die, but if that's the case then what happened to Barty afterwards?

The most logical answer is that you do in fact die, but I'm not sure that this is corroborated within canon.

Any help? Am I missing something?

Fenella x