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Thread: Ravenclaw Quidditch Team RR

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    James hung his head quietly, nodding into his hands. Clapping his hand on his best mate's back, Sirius stood up. "So, midnight then, right?"


    "Merlin, Wormtail, c'mon!" Sneaking past Filch and the prefects proved as easy as ever, but Peter was skittish about transfiguring in the middle of the Quidditch field. "Nobody's going to see us! It's pouring out for Merlin's sake!"

    Ahh, short.


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    Guess I'll try, after that PM. fityfityfityFITYFITYFITY!!!

    "O-okay, James," whimpered Peter. He didn't like it outside; thunder and lightning made it even scarier. The rain gave him the chills and he was soaked! But he didn't dare say this out loud. No one liked it when he complained.

    "Oh, you're a worthless git!" snapped James. This gave him a reproaching look from Remus, and he shut his mouth. Peter was a worthless git--figuring out why they had made friends with him made his head hurt. "Is everyone ready?" he asked. All nodded.

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    "Novus tempestas, is tempestas, permoveo ut Imbuo. Mater Natura, succurro nos, commodo." James chanted starting the spell. Once he finished with his part, he put his right hand on Sirius' left shoulder, who in turn chanted the same words. After that, James removed his hand, and Sirius put his left hand on Remus' right shoulder, who repeated the words once more and then put his right hand on Peter's left shoulder after Sirius removed his hand. Finally, to finish the spell, Peter chanted the words, shakily at best, and, after Remus removed his hand, stood on tiptoe to put his left hand on James' right shoulder. The circle was completed by this action, and the spell was through.
    The words they chant are, "New weather, this weather, move to Saturday. Mother Nature, help us, please." Hopefully it translates correctly.


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    As soon as Peter removed his hand from James, the roaring of thunder and blinding lighting seemed to surround them all at once. Peter let out a squeak of fear, and made to run, but Remus grabbed him by the arm, motioning that he needed to stay still until this last part of the spell passed.

    Rain began to pour faster, and stronger than when they first came out to the Quidditch field.

    “I don’t think it worked, Moony!” shouted Sirius through the downpour.

    “We just need to wait it out, Padfoot!” answered Remus.
    *is back*
    Ok, ladies - we're running out on time here so let's start cracking out drabbles. Follow the basic layout that we all agreed on, remember to just let your imagination run wild!

    I've left moddom/fandom...though don't be surprised if I get caught lurking once in a blue moon.
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    "Wait it out, Moony? Are you insane?" bellowed James. His hair stuck to him, flattened for the first time any of the others had seen it, and he clearly couldn't see anything due to water covered glasses. "The spell was supposed to move this weather to Saturday so it'd be canceled and I'd be able to play. I don't know if you've noticed, but it's definetely still raining!" Following this pronouncement, he promptly ran into the castle, followed by the others.

    "Well, it did do one part correctly," Sirius pointed out once they were inside and dry.
    There you go! I wrote more, but it was 147 words. So I deleted a bunch, and now it's 97!


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    *catches baton*

    "Thank you oh so much for that obsevation, Padfoot," said James, not even trying to disguise the sarcasm dripping from his mouth. "What'll you say next, that it's raining teacups?"

    "That would actually be quite entertaining." Sirius ducked to the side as James lunged at him. Peter squeaked as James ran into him instead. They fell over in a tangle of arms and legs, until Remus and Sirius pulled them apart.

    "Hush up, you gits!" hissed Sirius. "C'mon, let's get back to the common room."
    *throws baton so she has enough words*


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    The Fat Lady didn’t seem surprised to see the group snuck up the final flight of stairs. "I really ought to report you, boys."

    "Ah, but you'd feel guilty, m'dear," Sirius said with a sweeping bow, "and we wouldn't want to subject a lady such as yourself to that sort of agony."

    "You, Mister Black, talk too much." But her cheeks were flushed as she swung open to allow them entrance.

    "Now, can we maybe get some sleep?" James turned, only to find himself nose-to-nose with none other than--


    “Hey Evans, isn't it past your bedtime?”

    I think I could twirl this (alleged) baton in a parade, don't you?

    I LOVED the inclusion of "the teacups falling from the sky" by the way.


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    "Well it certainly is past yours!" she screeched as she took a step back. "I know you are up to something, that you were out pulling some prank or other, and I've had enough of it! I won't allow you to pull another prank on the Slytherins or-" she stopped abruptly, cheeks flushed, but started again to yell at Remus. "And you! A Prefect! Encouraging them and planning with them and acting out their pranks! How could you, Remus?"

    “We were only trying to fix the weather-” Peter tried to defend them, but if backfired.

    *charms the baton to be blue and bronze before tossing it*


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    "Erm...yes. Fix the weather," said Remus. "To...uh..." He smiled weakly and pushed James up to explain.

    "It's to rain out the game on Saturday," said James, "if you really must know."

    Lily stamped her foot, her face flushed red. "You selfish, spoiled, idiotic brat--"

    "I don't fancy myself a brat, more a team player," interrupted James.

    "Well, as you can see," began Lily smugly, pointing at the window, “it didn't--" She stopped talking as she actually looked.

    "What was that, Evans, we didn't hear you." Lily turned around and promptly slapped James across the face.
    I had to cut it down considerably, from 121 to 97, but I so wanted to get that slap in! Why she slapped him, I don't know. She just....did. My mind does the bidding of my fingers, not the other way around.


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    * * *

    "I still can't believe she slapped me," James muttered, glaring at the sky. It was Saturday, and there was no sign of rain. If the match went on, than Sirius and Remus would have to fill in for him and McElligott. Peter was the back up in case another player couldn't play, but Merlin forbid that happen.

    Sirius ignored James and glared up at the sky as well before turning to Remus. "Are you sure that the spell worked?"

    "Yeah, in fact the spell is so strong that the magic still functions up to fifteen minutes later."

    Merlin forbid Peter have to play! And sorry I skipped right to Saturday, but we only have five more days and we're not even at the Quidditch part yet!


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