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Thread: DADA professors

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    DADA professors

    I'm not sure exactly where the right place to be posting this thread is, so if there is a better spot, let me know.

    Anyway, JKR always had such creative DADA professors. I'm writing a canon prequel series from the point of view of Sirius, and I can't for the life of me come up with any interesting professors. (My books are slightly serious and get sort of dark, just like the HP books.)

    I like characters with backstories and who might be involved in the main plot somehow.

    Do you have ideas for professors you've never used? Thanks!

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    If you're looking for help on creating a character, you should try out the Character Clinic

    There aren't any known teachers to have taught before Professor Quarrel, but we do know for a fact that the teachers of the DADA post change every year. So it looks like you may need to create your own OC.

    There is a good thread in the Filing Cabinet right Here that discusses teachers during the Marauder's time if you wanted to try and find something there. There’s also a lot of other threads created in the Marauder Era section if you need help with anything else.

    Other than that, I think you need some help from the Original Character threads over in the Character Clinic! There are some good posts on how to create OC's and the such. There’s a form Here that you can use as a guideline when creating your OC!
    Hope this all helps!

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    In the books it mentions a Professor Merrythought. You may want to start there. Good luck with your story, it sounds amazing!

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    Thanks Peppermint! I looked her up though, and Professor Merrythought taught until 1945, way before the Marauders were in school.

    TheCursedQuill- Thanks for the links. I will certainly check them out. I'm really just looking for starter ideas, because all of the professors seem to have quirks (i.e. werewolf, hiding Voldemort on his head, an impostor, an evil ministry official, stupid and good-looking, or Snape himself...) so I'm trying to figure out something along that vein.

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    Their professor was Merrythought

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    I had an idea that one of the future order members would be a professor, like Elphias Doge. He did his world travels (that Dumbledore was supposed to accompany him on) and probably has some knowledge about the subject.

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    You're always going to need a reason for them to leave after a year, which is probably why JKR gave all her professors such convenient quirks. For example, they could be fairly old and wish to return to retirement soon. Or it's a young, good looking, clever teacher, who flirts with the female students a bit too much. Or a witch with a drug problem.

    I'd start at the back end - figure out why they are gone at the end of the year.
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    I think I figured out Doge - I believe he worked in the magistrate office of the Ministry and was just doing Dumbledore a favor by teaching that year. I don't completely have my plot worked out yet, but I imagine the Marauders could need some sort of information that Doge has from his work or his travels, or... something. I guess there needs to be a reason why I put him as professor. It will be cool once the Marauders leave school to realize that Doge was involved in the resistance all along.

    A drug problem is interesting. Since it takes place in the 1970s, I wonder if there was some sort of Wizarding equivalent to the hippie movement.

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