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Thread: What does a Headmaster actually do?

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    What does a Headmaster actually do?

    This has been a concern of mine for a while and in the fic I am currently working on brings the matter up. What does the Head of Hogwarts actually do? Obviously they run the school but to what effect? What does a head do each day, I can imagine them liasing with he board of Governers but apart from that I'm not sure what they do.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    They seem to discipline students for somewhat major offenses, but it also seems like they give advice to students who visit them. I don't think that they talk to the Board everyday. That seems to be more of a weekly thing. I could also see them holding a meeting with the Heads of Houses once a week or so.
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    Just like other school heads, their job is mostly administration.

    They have to deal with the Ministry, the Board of Governors, the parents, the teachers, the staff and the students.

    So just think of all the little things. Who orders the food? Probably the Head or the chief house elf has to report it to him. Who deals with accounting for all the things Hogwarts has to buy like the food, the medical supplies, the Quidditch robes? The Head, probably.

    Meeting with the Board of Governors probably doesn't happen more than once a week or more likely once a month. There's probably not that much to discuss.

    The Head would also be in charge of the castle's upkeep and maintenance. Do things need fixing? Do special people need to be brought in to do so?

    The Head is also in charge of curriculum. Are the students prepared for their OWLs and NEWTs?

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    I suppose they would also deal with a lot of the more mundane issues of running a school. For example, they might be responsible for making arrangements if a teacher was ill, as well as interviewing new teachers as seen in canon. There would be things like making security arrangements, making sure that the house elves were cared for and had everything they needed to cook with, and sorting out wages. They might have to liaise with parents and the Ministry of Magic as well as with the governors - we see that Dumbledore wrote to Fudge in canon. They would have to plan Hogsmeade weekends and Quidditch matches. Oh, and they might have stuff to do with the Head Girl and Boy, too - meetings etc.

    Also, when something out of the ordinary like the Triwizard tournament was going on, they would have to do all of the organising behind that. There are probably loads of other little things, but those are the ones that spring to mind right now. Hopefully they will help get you started, at least.

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    I imagine that the Headmaster also meets with post-Hogwarts training programs. I think that the 3-year Auror training one is the only canon one. Also, if I remember correctly, the headmaster coordinates Apparition training, because Dumbledore had to take the spell off of the Great Hall.

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