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    Madam Malkin's

    For first years, are the school robes ready the same day? Or are they sent by owl?

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    I'd assume they're ready the same day. It is magic, after all; I doubt it would take long to cut the robes to size by magic. Sure, we don't actively see Harry taking parcels of robes away from the shop, but I think that would have been too much detail considering how anxious Harry is to talk to Hagrid.

    Plus, can you imagine the Dursley's reactions when an owl bearing robes turns up? I feel that would have been included.

    Sarah x

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    I agree with Sarah, I think school robes are very basic, and she would have been selling a lot of them so it's safe to assume they would be ready on the same day.

    I think more high end dress robes, such as those designed specifically for someone, would take a bit longer. There's evidence Madam Malkin's sells dress robes etc off the rack as well, as Mrs Weasley buys Harry's dress robes without any issue.

    Hope this helped,

    Fenella x

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    And though I don't have my copy near me, I feel like there's some comment in PS (SS) about Hagrid leaving Harry with a load of packages after their trip to Diagon Alley. Harry certainly has enough stuff to fill a trunk come September 1, so even if Rowling doesn't tell us he's left the store with bags, I think we can assume he did.
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    I got these quotes in an online version of the book, so unfortunately I don't have exact page numbers, but it's all in Chapter Five of Philosopher's Stone.

    noblefate, I believe you were speaking of this line here

    he didn't even notice how much people were gawking at them on the Underground, laden as they were with all their funny-shaped packages, with the snowy owl asleep in its cage on Harry's lap.
    And I also thought I'd post a quote about what happened when harry left the store as well.

    But before Harry could answer, Madam Malkin said, "That's you done, my dear," and Harry, not sorry for an excuse to stop talking to the boy, hopped down from the footstool.
      "Well, I'll see you at Hogwarts, I suppose," said the drawling boy.
      Harry was rather quiet as he ate the ice cream Hagrid had bought him (chocolate and raspberry with chopped nuts).
    Nothing said.

    And another quote, this one from Chapter Six right before Harry leaves the Durley's house.

    He got up and pulled on his jeans because
    he didn't want to walk into the station in his wizard's robes -- he'd
    change on the train.
    From this quote we know for sure Harry had his robes a month later from his trip to Diagon Ally. We don't know if he had them right from leaving Madam Malkins, or if they were sent to him later. I always thought that maybe they pinned the children and before Harry and Hagrid left they went back to pick them up... but it says nothing of this and actually it's pretty straight forward that when they left Ollivander's they left and passed through the wall. Nothing else.

    It could of course be plausible for him to take them right from the store as magic would cut down the time of hemming. And it may also explain why Draco is there before Harry but Harry is finished before Draco -- maybe he's waiting for his parents to come back and pay for the robes? Also, it's never really mentioned that he has any other parcels when he leaves the other stores...we just know that he takes the cauldron and books out of their respective stores.

    But there is also the possibility that they were sent to him by Owl. Sarah mentions above that something as big as an owl bringing robes to the Durley's home would surely have been mentioned, but I don't think so. There's a whole month gap between Diagon Ally and when Harry leaves for Hogwarts, and we've already seen Vernon freak out over Owls, it could have been a bit repetitive to put another scene like that in. Also, because Harry now has Hedwig, he leaves his bedroom window open and the owl could easily drop the robes off there without having the Dursley's even know what is going on.

    I know I'm going into a lot of depth for such a small question, but I looked up the chapter and really didn't want the quotes to go to waste!


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    Wow, thank you all for the very detailed replies.

    Since it seems likely that Harry just took the robes with him, I'm going to go with that as standard procedure.

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