These are the times that try fanficcer's souls! The Quicksilver Quill Awards are upon us, and with that comes a mix of giddiness, anticipation, and just a general air of excitement. Or, if you're me, it's a giant rock in the pit of your stomach as you contemplate groups of people doing their utmost to find flaws in your work. Heady stuff.

However, what we're doing is far more fun than that. I challenge all of you to mosey on over to Fiction Junction and review a QSQ nominee. The only requirements are that you have not reviewed the story before and that, well, you didn't write it. It can be a story you nominated. Also, any stories nominated from the time this thread was posted and when this activity is due are also eligible.

That's it. No twists, turns, or hoops through which your SPEW Monarch requires you to jump. Just the normal TQs. Ask and answer one for this to count as your activity for the month of June. Here are a couple to get you started:

QSQs are reserved for the best of the best. Do you have difficulty reviewing things that are on that level of quality? Why or why not?

Most readers assume something that is nominated for a QSQ is good. Do you go into reviewing a story nominated for one with that frame of mind, or do you review it the same way one would any other fic?

Do the QSQ awards elicit any special feelings in you as a reader/reviewer? How about as an author?

This activity is due to be completed by 15th July at 11:59pm US Pacific Time / 16th July at 7:59am British Summer Time.