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Thread: Let's Meet the Mods Again! - 2012 Edition

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    Let's Meet the Mods Again! - 2012 Edition

    As members, perhaps the only contact you ever have with the moderators and admins is when you see our names on an email from the archives when you submit a chapter. If you don't submit to the archives, you may not have much, if any direct contact with any of us unless you have a problem or issue.

    So, who are we? We are just like you. We read the books, we read stories on the archives and fell in love with the HP world. We made the decision one day to become more involved and that led us to one day apply to become moderators.

    So, in light of that, here is a small glimpse into our ordinary lives.

    Here dwells discussion of the fanfiction kind,
    Where peeves and faux pas tickle the mind.
    A certain babe began this particular thread
    (not sure what was going through her head)
    And asked a question that made us blush,
    ‘Is smut necessary or just fleshy mush?’
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