Just a quick reminder to everyone: post counts and the little blurb that appear under your username are just for fun. In the long run, they really don't matter. We have had plenty of questions asking why your post count fluctuates and we want to address it so everyone is on the same page.

There are certain forums where your posts will cause a change in your post count. Other forums do not. Also, you may notice a sudden increase/decrease in your post count when threads have been moved to or deleted from the Graveyard. Furthermore, the blurbs under your name do change at any set post amount. They all differ and I couldn't even begin to tell you at what numbers they start changing.

Again, we would like to stress that this is only for fun. The purpose of posting is to help authors, which you do through well-thought out posts. Posting for posting's sake is not only considered spam but does a disservice to your fellow authors as well.

We hope that everyone is clear on that. From now on, questions concerning the post count will not be answered.

Thank you!