Hm... it's been almost two years since I joined the boards. Like most of the people, I joined the archives first, submitted a fic, got rejected and was told to go here to get a beta. So, yeah.

I never posted anywhere for the first few months, until I don't know why I got back on and got obsessed with this place. There have been lapses in between due to several reasons, but I've still stuck to the site.

It's more than a place where we write, it's a place where we get to meet other people. I'm sure the MNFF friends know me a lot better than my RL friends. *hugs 'em*

We have totally insane convos on AIM every frikkin' day. Sirius-ly. It's crazy. xD And fun.

This is an awesome place. Me loves it. <3

- Afifa