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    Hm... it's been almost two years since I joined the boards. Like most of the people, I joined the archives first, submitted a fic, got rejected and was told to go here to get a beta. So, yeah.

    I never posted anywhere for the first few months, until I don't know why I got back on and got obsessed with this place. There have been lapses in between due to several reasons, but I've still stuck to the site.

    It's more than a place where we write, it's a place where we get to meet other people. I'm sure the MNFF friends know me a lot better than my RL friends. *hugs 'em*

    We have totally insane convos on AIM every frikkin' day. Sirius-ly. It's crazy. xD And fun.

    This is an awesome place. Me loves it. <3

    - Afifa
    - Write - Beta - Drabble - Duel - Help -

    Awesome avvie by Minna/minnabird.

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    Wow, MNFF.

    I love this place. I love it so much, with all my heart. The members on here are the most supportive, fun people you will ever meet.

    So, to truly understand how much I adore my MNFF family, I'll start from the beginning.

    I joined in the summer of '08. I wasn't new, but I had a new name (after losing a password and forgetting my email ). I was sorted into Gryffindor, to my intense happiness. I've always wanted to be brave, and even though I was convinced there was a mistake, I got to pretend I was a Gryffindor.

    The Gryffindors are a bubbly bunch, but there is always some catch to each of them. For every happy post in our Common Room, there was a sad one. Someone is leaving, someone got a promotion, someone is sick, and someone was just published. I watched with awed eyes as each member was supported through good news and bad.

    As I became less shy and started posting more, I became more open with my fellow Toasters. I had some boy trouble in Novemeber and I got all of the Toaster love I could ever need.

    My house mates inspired me to commit to challenges. I was instilled with a house pride. I WANTED to earn points for my house. I cheered when my other Gryffs did the same.

    While my house was growing closer, I felt like our community was galling apart. Since the ads, members have been leaving, and it left a scar on us here at the forums. I could feel it. I was sad as I saw people who posted everyday fall off the face of the earth. Anyone could feel the tension and the sadness. It wasn't as hard to watch for me as it was for the older members. Some girls and boys grew up with these forums and these posters. I felt so bad for everyone invovled.

    Then, I felt a change in 2009. It wasn't anything you could pinpoint, but I think we started to put back togther the pieces and become a family again. It was inspiring to see.

    For our Spring Term 2009 we had a term challenge. It was too pick a cause that was close to you and write a story to raise awareness from it.

    Everybody opened up. I learned things about my MNFF family that I would have never thought to ask about. Seeing how brave everyone was being made me feel brave to. Ever since I rejoined the forums, I have been suffering from eating disorders. By the time the term project was announce, I was dying in my lonliness and self-isolation. I made a descion which broke a huge wall down. I submitted a term project on eating disorders, and admitted that I was suffering from them.

    The support I recieved was overwhelming. I was in tears from all the love and well wishes that were given to me. I never felt like I deserved it, but I took it and clung to it. It was a wonderful feeling not being so alone the world.

    When I say MNFF family, I mean family. We are family. We love each other (or at least I do!). The support, generosity, excitement, and love is what makes the best forums in the world.

    So newbies, don't be afraid! You'll find a second home here, I promise! And if you need anything, we'd be more than happy to oblige!


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    red haired mom
    Like most everyone else, I joined the archive first. I read so many wonderful stories and wanted to review them. Then... I decided to write DH my way and started submitting.

    I joined the forum when I wanted to nominate some of my favourite stories, characters and authors for the QSQ that year.

    It wasn't long before I decided to take the Sorting Quiz and wasn't too terribly surprised when I was sorted into Ravenclaw.

    I tiptoed into the 'Claw tower and stood in the corner watching the boisterous activities going on... let me tell you, it's intimidating coming into a group of people who already seem to know each other so well and actually seem to be friends instead of just people who frequent the same boards.

    I decided to check out some of the challenges that were posted and found one I wanted to write. I asked a few questions that helped me figure out an angle and received overwhelming support from my housemates when I decided to write the story from an 'odd' POV.

    Next thing I knew, I was posting more and more, getting into essay length debates with my housemates on some of the characters personalities and now all this time later, I'm still here, I'm the head librarian in our house and do my best to keep up with all the new 'Claws and new stories that they continue to write.

    I've even adopted some of the younger members of the house and they call me mom.

    I really enjoy spending time (when my kids aren't hogging my computer, or in need of a ride somewhere) here on the boards and I hope you don't feel too intimidated in taking that step out of the corner and into the wonderful world we have here. I promise... we welcome new members all the time. We can't wait to welcome you too.



    Nicole's edit: Wendy, that brought tears to my eyes, it was so heartwarming! Can I have a hug?

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