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    Tee hee, 4th one to post!! Ha ha ha!!

    Anyway, I'm Abbi and currently the only *active* Aussie Slytherin!!

    I remember when I orginally joined here I joined about a week before MNFF and the boards got totally re-vamped because I needed a beta. I was curious and so when they opened up again, I re-joined the boards and didn't look back since.

    I was SO SHOCKED that I was made a Slyth at first and my friends paid me out so much at school. But now, it's the total hotness to be a Slyth And they're jealous.

    But we're on some very large number in our CR. It's in Roman numerals, and I'm not quite sure what number it is..
    *checks current CR* We're at (edit)66! Party on Conga at 70!

    But anyway, to my purpose again. Being a Slytherin ROCKS. We have all these cool-as threads, including our "Divine Drabbles and Charming Challenges" thread in which our cheerleader, CM, updates constantly, with the help of a few others.

    We also have a Slytherin of the Month. This is like an Employee of the Month sort-of-thing in the sense that it's given to (well from my understanding at least) the Slyth who has been the most helpful around the forums and that sort of thing. Pretty awesome stuff.

    Like Nikki, Suzie and Sarah have said, we have THE CONGA. It's spam-central in which no one cares. We have "parties" on there, RL area in which you can have a rant, ask questions, etc. and so forth. It's the best thing really because we can't get in trouble for writing one sentence and it's just a whole bunch of laughs really!

    I think the thing though that makes me love all the Slyths the most is their kind hearts. I don't think I've met a nicer bunch of girls (and few guys - Pablo, Will, Jacie...) and they're just a wonderful bunch. We all give advice to each other and it's just really great. We're really close and a number of us are "friends" on myspace and LJ.

    So yeah, if you get sorted into Slytherin (or any house really) PM one of us and we're happy to talk!!! (We don't shush-up ever... litterally. Especially me )


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    Just Tink
    Star reminded me that I haven't posted here yet... yikes!

    I'm not one of the oldest 'Puffs here, but of the ones that are still active I'm of an older crowd. My 'Puffs are my homepeople, and honestly, I'm THRILLED I was able to get to know them.

    One of the things most unique to Hufflepuff is the Badger Bulletin, and it's a 'Puff accomplishment that I'm extremely proud of. Our own Loralie is the editor-in-chief, and one of my fondest memories here is having our first issue published. (I write the gossip column as well as the advice column, so if you'd rather get your newbie advice from an insane badger named Philbert instead of a nice Hufflepuff named Jerri, let me know.)

    Another great memory is becoming part of the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team. I've captained it for two months now, and it has been a fantastic experience- I'll be sad to pass on the reins to a new captain.

    But guys, get involved! Then you, too, can create memories.

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    Miss_Evans Lily Sofi
    Why haven't I posted here sooner?

    Well, I posted my feelings in the Badgers' Set thingy about when I got back the Sorting quiz with the results. I was very upset, very very very! I didn't posted much, but when I saw that we have lots of interesting games and lots of fun, I decided to introduce myself and join into the club.

    I was spamming too much (mainly in This or That), and I remember that a few Badgers warned me. As everyone here mentioned, I also love that we have members all around the world, all big fans of Harry Potter. Here we make friendships, we learn to write good fanfics, we are decorating ourselves with banners, we are learning ourselves to discipline and responsibility. And don't be scared from mods, they are the bestest (it's a word) I have ever seen. If you think that they are Umbridge, fell free to ask a Dumbledore's Navy member. If you have any questions, concerns, worries, anything at all feel free to ask. Everything here is wonderful! Give ideas and maybe something good will come out from that.
    And if you ask a member of this site, how many hours you are on here? He/She will sure tell you:1-12<----- and it's not a joke! So, don't be shy, go and make friends, post everywhere you think it's interesting and have fun and the last, but no least: Enjoy the world of Harry Potter!

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    in a book <33
    So, I'm not sure where to start. >.> My experience of the forums? Hm. Be prepared for a long post =)

    Well, I joined the archives first, but I was a little afraid to join the forums for some reason. I seriously don't know why. But, if you are afraid to join the forums, or are a newbie, who's a little wary about participating around them, well... don't be. Why? Well...

    Everybody is very friendly, and are always willing to help newbies fit in. You will feel at home here in a heartbeat - no joke! In Hufflepuff, we have a discussion thread but it's the place to post all your shout-outs too. For example, if it's somebody's birthday, all the badgers will post with good wishes, and if something really great has happened to you on the forums [like being made QWC Captain, or winning a challenge, or being accepted into a club, SPEW for example] you're probably guaranteed a mountain-load of congrats. And, I'm pretty sure all the other houses are like this.

    Now, one of the best things about the boards - I think - is how it gives the chance to develop your writing. Before I joined I thought I was a pretty decent writer >.> You don't want to know how much I've learned in the short year since then. MNFF offer a variety of challenges, and it is worth participating. If you place, it is awesome, and if you don't... well, most likely somebody will drop by to give you feedback all the same, so you win either way. -shrugs- There is also a range of classes on offer each term to help you improve your writing and more, and although I've only took one class so far myself, I would definitely recommend them.

    Now, Houses. To be honest, whatever house you're sorted into it will rock. Everybody is very friendly [did I say that already :P] and you will fit in like you've always been there. Just introduce yourself and dive in. The best way to fit in is to get yourself known - so participate!

    Now, I just realised not a lot of this is my memories, exactly, per se. So... I'll tell you one of the best times on the boards for me...

    The first time I earned some housepoints. I was seriously like *squee* and I probably drove the badgers mad >.< Sorry. But it makes me smile when I see other people get excited over their first housepoints now, because you really do feel like you've contributed to your house when it happens, and that's great. Anyway, I still kinda feel good when I earn housepoints. And I've earned a lot since those first ones. And it's even better when your house wins the cup - and since I've been here I haven't seen Hufflepuff lose once. Because we dominate the boards you know. >.>

    And to round off this ridiculously long, rambly post: I hope to see you around soon! Like others have said, then you'll have your own memories of the forums. Maybe, one day, you'll be posting them in here too.


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    Fourth Year Ravenclaw
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    Glaring at my computer
    135 story...*scratches head* I've been here for awhile.

    I joined the archives first, but didn't actually venture into the world of the forums until four months later. Even then, I was terrified to post. Looking back on that, I wish I'd just jumped in.

    I knew I'd be in Ravenclaw, because I am a bit of a geek, but any of the houses on here are just amazing.

    One of the best memories I have of being on the boards is the spam parties we have occasionally in Ravenclaw, and fighting with Angela over James Potter, accidentally saying just James, and being yelled at, because we already have a James in the Tower and I'm certainly not in love with HIM!

    Jump in on any of the activities on the boards, it will make your experience here a lot more enjoyable!

    IB + Senior Year = Hiatus...again
    Kate...iPoem!...iWrite!...iBanner!...Dumbledore's Navy!
    Avvie and banner by me! Please request!

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    So my memories?
    Well I remember being sorted into Gryffindor and being a bit, apprehensive. I mean, I was always sorted into Ravenclaw in other tests and so on.
    Then I got a PM from Kumy, our resident head cheerleader as a welcome. I posted a few times before realising I had nothing to be scared of, and emerged as myself, instead of the poor little Gryff I was. A few minor hiccups on the way, and here I am!

    The thing about the Gryffies/Toasters, we're so fabulous that those who leave come back again. Kumy left and returned a year (?) later as Miss K. There's tons more who are now emerging into our Tower, fresh from their hiatus' and raring to boost morale.
    Thats another brilliant thing about Gryffindors, we are one BIG happy family.

    And also, we are up for a bit of a joke. Remember last years Gred and Forge Day? Our Tower went AWOL for the day due to "bad behaviour".
    This year, the Twilight-haters and the Twilight-lovers all joined forces against the Powers-That-Be when we combined with Twitternet. No arguements, just a discussion about why we loved/hated the series.
    And thats why the Toasters are brilliant.

    *and breathes*


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    James Jameson
    I cannot begin to say how much I've enjoyed my time here on MNFF. Like, holy, I had to be removed from it because I was on it so much! *not joking*
    I've met one of my BEST friends in Hufflepuff, and we correspond EVERY DAY by text, email, PM, you name it! We met because we shared a common interest in a charity, and I suggested that we write a story about it. We bonded so much over that month making our beloved 'TWLOHA' and we never even got around to submitting it >.<

    I encourage EVERYONE to start writing something with someone... get to know people in and out of your house, and you'll be surprised with what great bonds you can make. And try to set up mass house AIM chats, too. Everyone in your house can participate as long as they can get onto an AIM account, and it doesn't matter what time zone because they're almost ALWAYS running. I know that hufflepuff has these both officially to discuss further developments in the House and unofficially to just have fun and chat!! I met my new mommy/glamorousoldersister Carole (Equinox Chick) on there as well as my Quidditch buds Riham (padfoot_returns) and Alliatrix (lupinsgirl_2006) and my other bff here who's actually moving across the world to go to school with me I LOVE LEK!!! (Lexxyy)

    MNFF is a great thing! Whether you're looking for spam-free fun (ahaha what a JOKE... *kidding... I have to stay vigilant on that for Carole's sake *) or looking to improve your writing skills, MNFF is the place to be! We're really such a family and you can ask anyone for help and you WILL receive.
    So welcome newbies and GET READY TO RUMBLEEE!!!!!


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    Hm... it's been almost two years since I joined the boards. Like most of the people, I joined the archives first, submitted a fic, got rejected and was told to go here to get a beta. So, yeah.

    I never posted anywhere for the first few months, until I don't know why I got back on and got obsessed with this place. There have been lapses in between due to several reasons, but I've still stuck to the site.

    It's more than a place where we write, it's a place where we get to meet other people. I'm sure the MNFF friends know me a lot better than my RL friends. *hugs 'em*

    We have totally insane convos on AIM every frikkin' day. Sirius-ly. It's crazy. xD And fun.

    This is an awesome place. Me loves it. <3

    - Afifa
    - Write - Beta - Drabble - Duel - Help -

    Awesome avvie by Minna/minnabird.

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    Wow, MNFF.

    I love this place. I love it so much, with all my heart. The members on here are the most supportive, fun people you will ever meet.

    So, to truly understand how much I adore my MNFF family, I'll start from the beginning.

    I joined in the summer of '08. I wasn't new, but I had a new name (after losing a password and forgetting my email ). I was sorted into Gryffindor, to my intense happiness. I've always wanted to be brave, and even though I was convinced there was a mistake, I got to pretend I was a Gryffindor.

    The Gryffindors are a bubbly bunch, but there is always some catch to each of them. For every happy post in our Common Room, there was a sad one. Someone is leaving, someone got a promotion, someone is sick, and someone was just published. I watched with awed eyes as each member was supported through good news and bad.

    As I became less shy and started posting more, I became more open with my fellow Toasters. I had some boy trouble in Novemeber and I got all of the Toaster love I could ever need.

    My house mates inspired me to commit to challenges. I was instilled with a house pride. I WANTED to earn points for my house. I cheered when my other Gryffs did the same.

    While my house was growing closer, I felt like our community was galling apart. Since the ads, members have been leaving, and it left a scar on us here at the forums. I could feel it. I was sad as I saw people who posted everyday fall off the face of the earth. Anyone could feel the tension and the sadness. It wasn't as hard to watch for me as it was for the older members. Some girls and boys grew up with these forums and these posters. I felt so bad for everyone invovled.

    Then, I felt a change in 2009. It wasn't anything you could pinpoint, but I think we started to put back togther the pieces and become a family again. It was inspiring to see.

    For our Spring Term 2009 we had a term challenge. It was too pick a cause that was close to you and write a story to raise awareness from it.

    Everybody opened up. I learned things about my MNFF family that I would have never thought to ask about. Seeing how brave everyone was being made me feel brave to. Ever since I rejoined the forums, I have been suffering from eating disorders. By the time the term project was announce, I was dying in my lonliness and self-isolation. I made a descion which broke a huge wall down. I submitted a term project on eating disorders, and admitted that I was suffering from them.

    The support I recieved was overwhelming. I was in tears from all the love and well wishes that were given to me. I never felt like I deserved it, but I took it and clung to it. It was a wonderful feeling not being so alone the world.

    When I say MNFF family, I mean family. We are family. We love each other (or at least I do!). The support, generosity, excitement, and love is what makes the best forums in the world.

    So newbies, don't be afraid! You'll find a second home here, I promise! And if you need anything, we'd be more than happy to oblige!


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    red haired mom
    Like most everyone else, I joined the archive first. I read so many wonderful stories and wanted to review them. Then... I decided to write DH my way and started submitting.

    I joined the forum when I wanted to nominate some of my favourite stories, characters and authors for the QSQ that year.

    It wasn't long before I decided to take the Sorting Quiz and wasn't too terribly surprised when I was sorted into Ravenclaw.

    I tiptoed into the 'Claw tower and stood in the corner watching the boisterous activities going on... let me tell you, it's intimidating coming into a group of people who already seem to know each other so well and actually seem to be friends instead of just people who frequent the same boards.

    I decided to check out some of the challenges that were posted and found one I wanted to write. I asked a few questions that helped me figure out an angle and received overwhelming support from my housemates when I decided to write the story from an 'odd' POV.

    Next thing I knew, I was posting more and more, getting into essay length debates with my housemates on some of the characters personalities and now all this time later, I'm still here, I'm the head librarian in our house and do my best to keep up with all the new 'Claws and new stories that they continue to write.

    I've even adopted some of the younger members of the house and they call me mom.

    I really enjoy spending time (when my kids aren't hogging my computer, or in need of a ride somewhere) here on the boards and I hope you don't feel too intimidated in taking that step out of the corner and into the wonderful world we have here. I promise... we welcome new members all the time. We can't wait to welcome you too.



    Nicole's edit: Wendy, that brought tears to my eyes, it was so heartwarming! Can I have a hug?

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