*cannot believe that she just read Sarah's post and spent five minutes trying to raise one eyebrow and one eyebrow ONLY*

Okay, so my reaction on being sorted into Slytherin was to raise BOTH eyebrows in sheer astonishment. In those random sorting quizzes that you always get from Google, I've always been a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw. I was ecstatic to be a Slyth, but I wasn't disappointed. I was just surprised.

I remember that at the time, I was betaing for Danielle (Sour Apple) and she kept urging me to get sorted, and though she didn't tell me, it was basically because Slyths had an in house giftfic challenge going on for people in other houses. So it was pretty funny when I turned up with "Slytherin" written under my name.

I love MNFF. Really - I do. It's so different from any other HP forum I've been on. When I registered I was basically looking for an addiction. I wanted a forum where I could write, beta, discuss, squee, and make friends. MNFF proved to be the whole package and a hell of a lot of bonuses.

Because MNFF is a community. Whether you like it or not, sooner or later you'll get sucked into the little vortex/homey hidey-hole that is your house Common Room. You'll get to know people there, make lots of friends. You'll get to know people in other houses - people all over the world who may have RL jobs, may live completely different lives to your own and it's amazing.

Sometimes I try and look back and more often than not I actually can't remember the point (if there was one) that I became one of Slytherin and had that element of Slyth Pride fully grown into me. Everything on MNFF, from little posts, PMs, challenges etc still give me a buzz. MNFF is my online caffeine - I'm an addict. And proud.

Being on these forums have really broadened my skills. When I joined I was a beta. I never thought I would EVER write any fanfiction, nevermind poems, and I didn't know that bannermaking existed. *eyes are now open* You learn a lot on here and you get a lot of opportunities. The challenges are great. I started off on drabble challenges as they were shorter and seemed less scary than submitting to the main site. Slowly I've built on that and now I try and tackle any challenge that I get a plot bunny for.

Something that I really like about MNFF, that I've not yet seen in any other forum, is the essence that it's ALIVE. Everyone has a sort of "House Pride Motivation Bug" which kind of scared me at first...until I caught it too! Like Sarah says in the post above, we have all our little threads - about how to win the cup, ideas threads, and many many MANY threads for squeeing. In short we Slyths work hard and we play hard. I've stayed up many a night on MNFF chatting to users in the US/Canada when it's midnight here in the UK, and I've written last-minute entries to challenges and all sorts of random stuff. People outside of MNFF ask me why I do it, and I'm not quite sure myself - I guess it's simply because it's fun. And it is.

*breath out*

I think I've release all my for MNFF. But I probably have more pent up somewhere.
To any newbie in doubt, feel free to drop me a PM with questions.

And tuck in to a neverending yummy plate of MNFF goodness!

<3 ~Suzie