Because I'm in that sort of mood to make you all read what I like to read, I am sending my lovely SPEWers into the land of D/A. And I'm not talking about Dumbledore's Army, though I suppose that could apply at some point. Nope. I challenge you to go forth and trawl the depths of the Dark/Angst category on MNFF and review.

However, since I'm also feeling cheeky, I'm going to put some stipulations on this. The story you are reviewing must meet two of the following requirements:

*Four or less reviews for a one-shot or, for a chaptered story, two or less reviews (on average) per chapter.
*Less than a hundred reads.
*Written by an author with five or less stories on their author page.

This is my way to fish out some dark gems, both for you to enjoy and for the authors to learn the joy of receiving due attention for their hard work. And then there were TQs. You know the drill: ask and answer at least one. A couple to get you started:

Are darker stories more or less emotionally investing for you as a reader? Does this add to or detract from your reading experience

If you are a fan of D/A, did you start there, or did you grow into it after a while?

This activity is due to be completed by 15th June 2012 by midnight US Pacific Time.