Name: WeasleyMom
House: Hufflepuff
Characters used:Luna, Lucius
Title: Something Happy
Ratings/Warnings: 3-5, none
Favourite thing about May: Mother's Day
Author's Note: Just for fun, this time I've decided to comply with the rules of the prompt.

As the chill crept toward her over the grounds, Luna gazed into the forest. Just ahead, there was the faintest shimmer of light, but it vanished almost immediately, and then again, a little to the left. She took a step into the cold, despite Ernie’s word of caution from behind. She heard the scuffle of feet upon her, the question in Seamus’ voice.

Answering with a smile, she raised her wand to the black figures bearing down on their friends. “They need our help.”

A moment later, the boys’ Patronuses chased the silver hare into the darkness. Again, and again.

Lucius stood at the tree line, surveying the battle. He’d been with the Dark Lord not long ago, and the stink of fear still hung on him, an impenetrable skin.

He turned and blinked at the cold… yes, it was Potter and his friends, facing Dementors.

Potter, just there.

A dozen courses of action raced through his mind, but he knew he’d do nothing. He would neither face Dementors nor take on six students alone.

As wisps of light charged forth, the hole in Lucius’ chest creaked and widened: He’d not been able to cast his own Patronus in years.