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Thread: May challenge - WHEN TWO TRIBES GO TO WAR!

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    May challenge - WHEN TWO TRIBES GO TO WAR!

    May Monthly


    But every battle, every duel, every brawl, needs two sides.

    This month’s challenge, set deliberately on Victory Day, is for you to write two drabbles from two differing POVs at the Battle of Hogwarts.

    Battle is defined from that moment Voldemort makes his first announcement and they start evacuating Hogwarts.

    You may decide to write from the POVs of actual opponents (Molly/Bellatrix, Arthur/Pius – for example) or you may decide to write from the POVs of two characters on different sides who didn’t face each other, as far as we know. (Luna/Draco, perhaps).

    Where a character's allegiance is undefined (eg: Blaise Zabini or Daphne Greengrass) then you may allocate them a side, but your other character must have been allocated a side in canon. So, you could write Daphne as a Death Eater, if your other character is George Weasley.

    Both drabbles must focus on the same moment.

    Both drabbles must be 100 words – no more no less.

    EDIT: Your drabbles must be from characters on OPPOSING SIDES. (sorry if this was unclear)

    You may enter this challenge more than once, but you must use different characters/pairings each time. Please post all your entries in one post.

    Participation points will be awarded. 5 for your first set of drabbles, 2 for every subsequent set.

    Points will later be awarded for First, Second and Third place – depending on participation. The barmaids reserve the right to award no points, should we feel so inclined.

    All usual MNFF submission guidelines and rules should be followed. I strongly suggest you use a beta.

    Use this form for each entry.

    PHP Code:
    Characters used:
    Title: (optional):
    Favourite thing about May:
    Author’s Note: 
    Challenge ends on May 31st 10pm BST.

    Any questions, then ask, my barflies!

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    Name: Alex/ welshdevondragon
    House: Gryffindor
    Characters*used: Augustus Rookwood and Percy Weasley
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years/Character death and violence
    Favourite*thing*about*May: Blossom and sunlight
    Author’s*Note:*Igraine’s watching this. Sniff.

    Augustus knew the spell was heading straight for him, having emanated from the wand of Aberforth Dumbledore. But he chose not to move. He wanted to stop.

    Soon he would be absented from the battle, just as Aberforth had intended, and just as Augustus now wanted. Not like the Weasley boy, who wanted to make him suffer. Augustus knew well what desiring revenge felt like, and couldn’t blame the boy. He’d killed the brother, after all.

    Nevertheless, as the Stunning Spell hit him square in the chest, he took satisfaction in the fact that Percy’s desire would not be quenched.

    When he saw the spell, he couldn’t move. Percy watched the ribbon of red shoot through the air in slow motion, giving his eyes time to trace its source, the wand of Aberforth Dumbledore.

    Why did Aberforth fight the Death Eater who had killed Fred? Had Rookwood hurt him? If not, how dare he? And even if so, Percy couldn’t imagine wanting to hurt someone more than he wanted to hurt Rookwood, wanting to force him to feel the pain the Weasleys would feel at Fred’s loss.

    Watching Rookwood’s body fall, the unquenched desire for revenge made Percy feel sick.
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    Name: Megan / noblefate
    House: Ravenclaw
    Characters used: Neville Longbottom and Tom Riddle (aka Lord Voldemort)
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years / Violence, DH Spoilers
    Favourite thing about May: My birthday's this month :-)
    Author's Note: Neville is far too under-rated.

    Neville refused to be silenced, refused to back down. So when Voldemort put the Sorting Hat on his head and set it aflame, Neville didn’t care. He fought the spell, thinking, I will not let it end like this. That’s when something heavy hit his head, and suddenly the burning hat was gone, and he held the Sword of Gryffindor in his hand. Voldemort and his followers were stunned. They laughed nervously; the little Longbottom boy thinks he’s going to defeat the Dark Lord with a sword. But he remembered Harry’s words, and it was the snake Neville lunged at.

    Voldemort knew these children were impertinent. They wouldn’t stay quiet, and when the Longbottom boy bobbed forward, shouting about Dumbledore’s Army, he knew it had to stop. He thought putting the Sorting Hat on and destroying it and the boy would be enough. But suddenly the boy pulled the hat off, a gleaming sword in his hand. Voldemort laughed at the preposterousness of it; a sword to defeat the most powerful wizard in the world? He knew he’d win. That was until the boy did something unexpected, and suddenly it was Nagini the boy went after, slicing her head off.

    Characters used: Lavender Brown and Fenrir Greyback
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years / Violence, DH Spoilers
    Author's Note: I'd like to think Lavender's tougher than we think and she, like Bill Weasley, survived Greyback.

    He liked the children. They made for wonderful prey. Greyback knew that even among his own kind, his lust for turning children sickened many, but he embraced the monster within and went after these foolish students with relish. He was standing off to the side of the Great Hall when two hapless little ones fell, practically at his feet, an offering of such on this glorious night. He leaped across to the girl, her curls strewn across the floor. She looked soft and smelled so very sweet. He hesitated only a moment before leaning forward, her flesh a dangerous temptation.

    Lavender remembered the battle, Voldemort’s words ringing through the castle. She remembered using DA lessons to fight the Death Eaters. She remembered losing Parvati in the fighting. She didn’t remember how she tumbled from the first floor into the entrance hall. She’d gotten the wind knocked out of her, and she could barely move. Time slowed down as she struggled to get air into her lungs and wrap her head around what was happening. Before the roaring in her ears subsided, she smelled decay. She looked up at Greyback, saw him lick his lips, and hoped for a quick death.

    Characters used: Molly Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years / Violence, DH Spoilers
    Author's Note: When I realized no one had done Molly/Bellatrix, I couldn't resist. Also, Molly's quote is from DH (I couldn't find my book so any mistakes are mine).
    Secondary edit: the forum automatically put in the ****, but we all know what she said.

    Bellatrix cackled, watching the Dark Lord take on three measly professors. Even Dumbledore couldn’t best the Dark Lord, and these three were not Dumbledore. Shrieking with glee, Bellatrix turned back to the puny students in front of her. She sent a killing curse at the little girls, not even paying attention enough to notice her spell missed its mark. Not until plump old Molly Weasley roared at her did Bellatrix realize she’d been fighting the blood traitor’s daughter. How sweet would it be to kill another Weasley brat tonight? But she settled for Molly instead, grinning madly, ready to kill.

    Molly watched the bright green blaze of the spell soar past Ginny and turned to see Bellatrix Lestrange laughing gleefully, crazily, evilly. ‘Not my daughter, you *****!’ she screamed at the Death Eater, charging forward like a force of nature. She was going to have to bury Fred and Harry; she wouldn’t bury another. So she duelled like a woman possessed, countering Bellatrix’s curses while firing off plenty of her own. For a moment, Bellatrix reminded Molly of Sirius; they possessed the same reckless smile. And suddenly Molly saw her moment. Wand raised, she sent the curse that killed Bellatrix.
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    Name: Theo Paleye
    House: Slytherin
    Characters used: Greyback and Professor Trelawney
    Ratings/Warnings: 3rd-5th years; Violence, mild profanity, possible character death.
    Favourite thing about May: Autumnnnn
    Author's Note: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

    He breathes in the thud-thud-thud of all the little, beating hearts, the pounding of the blood, the panting screams, the sweat. The air is hot, thick with new death and waning life. Everything is so delicious. His eyes flick from side to side as he ducks the spells, clawing at all the children, waiting for something so very fresh to cross his path.

    She falls from the heavens, it seems, because suddenly she is lying a few feet away, red blossoming beneath her, blonde curls matted and stained. Her throat is bare with shuddering breath. Perfect.

    Greyback licks his lips.

    It takes over a decade to build her shimmering walls of falsehood and mere moments to tear them down. Her voice hardens, her back stiffens, her eyes open wide as if they never really closed. She runs through unfamiliar corridors, throwing spells she hasn’t used for years, not really knowing if they’re right. Not caring. The corridors may be unfamiliar but Hogwarts Is Her Home so she will damn well protect it.

    When she sees Lavender Brown lying there, her pale face fluttering between here and whatever comes after, Sybill does what she can. Which is quite a lot, actually.

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    Name: Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    House: Gryffindor
    Characters used: Oliver Wood/Daphne Greengrass
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd, Character Death
    Favourite thing about May: Fishing
    Author;s Note: Never write with a headache.

    I take the boy from Neville. He is so tiny in death. I look down at his face. I realise I knew him. He was the kid that followed Harry around the year the Chamber of Secrets was opened. With a start, I realise he must have been no older than 16. He was too young to die. I can’t help but wonder how he even got in. My memory recalls him as a Muggleborn, and McGonagall had sent all the underage students home. I carry him to the Great Hall, and I hope that no more children die tonight.

    I watch as Oliver Wood carries a small body into the Great Hall. He was always a looker, that one. I give my head a shake. Now is not the time to stare at his butt. Especially when he fights against me. Especially when a second of distraction could mean my death. I see Longbottom walk away from him. Perfect. If there is anything that could gain me favour, it would be the capture of him. I chase after him, hoping for a clear shot to disarm him. I no longer remember the small body Wood had. I don’t care.
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    Name: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Characters used: Arthur and Lucius
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years
    Favourite thing about May: Leaving the window open 24 hours a day.
    Author's Note: I've just returned from a really long hiatus and my first story isn't about Bella. How wrong!

    Standing with his son, Arthur cursed the confounded Minister, Thicknesse. Percy matched his spells. Pride filled him when he saw Percy’s skills. Pride was replaced with grief for another son. A son who was gone.

    “Draco,” a voice shrieked.

    Arthur’s eyes wandered meeting the terrified, grey eyes of Lucius Malfoy. His heart went out to a man he’d always hated.

    Lucius wasn’t fighting. He was simply a man, searching for his child.

    He wondered if Draco would be found or if Lucius, too, would be forced to bury his son.

    Arthur said a silent prayer for Lucius and his family.


    Bursting into the Great Hall with his wife at his side, Lucius paid no attention to the battle. For the first time, he didn’t care about this fight. He cared only about finding his son and making his family whole once again.

    “Draco!” His panicked voice mingled with Narcissa’s.

    He pushed his way through the room, searching for Draco. His eyes landed on Arthur Weasley. Neither man pointed a wand. They only stared.

    Lucius thought of Arthur’s dead son. He felt sympathy before returning to his search. More than ever, he wanted to have nothing in common with Arthur Weasley.

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    Name: The owl
    House: Hufflepuff (as of yesterday )
    Characters used: Narcissa Malfoy/Lily Potter
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years, no warnings
    Favourite thing about May: Study leave? In all seriousness, I do actually quite like being able to work at home. It's just a pity about the exams. *sigh*
    Author’s Note: My first drabble! Thanks to Alice/TheBlackSister for beta'ing this so incredibly quickly.

    I bend over the boy’s body as it lies face down on the forest floor. I don’t know what to wish for. If he were dead, then I could go and look for Draco, but if he lived we might be freed from our master. I put a hand to his cheek, feel its warmth, pull back an eyelid, feel it flicker, put my hand on his heart, feel it race. He is alive.

    “Is Draco alive? Is he in the castle?” I breathe.


    Lie to him, says the little voice in my head, lie for Draco.

    “He is dead!” I proclaim. My master believes me. I will find you, Draco.


    “Harry? Can you hear me?”

    He hasn’t answered. Could he be alive? Narcissa Malfoy bends over him. That cow can touch my son, but I can’t. I thought it would get easier, seeing him go through this. It hasn’t. Somehow, I haven’t lost hope for him. He isn’t with me yet, so he may still stand a chance. A few minutes ago, he could see me. I spoke to him, for the first time in three years. God, I want to be there for him now. He is my child.

    “He is dead!” she says.

    She is lying. He isn’t here with me.

    Characters used: Bellatrix Lestrange and Molly Weasley
    Ratings/Warnings: mild profanity (when I quote the book), violence (implied)
    Author’s Note: Thanks to Alice again.

    Now, which of these little pretties do I kill first? The fool who escaped us? The Mudblood? No, the blood traitor goes first. See what her precious family think of that.


    Oh, now this is an interesting turn of events. My laughter is only angering her further. More fun for me. Looks like the little blood traitor will lose her mother, instead of the other way around.

    “OUT OF MY WAY!”

    No. This isn’t right. No-one can match me. I am second only to my master, and he is second to none. How can this fat creature duel so well? She will not win.


    Ginny! Why do you always have to pick the foolhardiest battle? Why do you always have to put yourself in harm’s way?


    She dares laugh at me? Soon she will know better. She will not hurt our family anymore. No-one will hurt our family anymore. I will keep them safe even if I have to kill her. I will have to kill her. I kill her, or she kills me. It is enough that Neville lost his parents to her. I am never leaving my children.

    “OUT OF MY WAY!”

    This is my fight, and I will win it. She isn’t smiling now. Good.
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    Name: silverlining95/Fenella
    House: Slytherin
    Characters used: Blaise Zabini and Lavender Brown
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years
    Favourite thing about May: The hope - that exams will end and Summer will arrive

    She was beautiful. Angelic, pre-Raphaelite, perfect. I was so caught up in the way her curls were being blown across her face by the breeze sweeping across the grounds that I was almost hit by a blast of green light from an unknown assailant. Swiftly yanked from my reverie, I heard various voices yelling at me, to kill, to attack, to do anything but admire the beauty before me. She turned to face me, fear in her eyes, eyes that swept me into oblivion. She expected me to attack. I did not. For even a devil cannot kill an angel.


    It wasn’t until I heard the shouts that I even registered the figure stood in my peripheral vision. Yet as I turned to face him I realised he was not going to attack. It was as if he were in a daze, in the moonlight I could see his eyes glistening with tears, yet what reason did he have to cry? He had no family; nor true friends, yet here he was, not even attempting to attack a girl with no defence. It was then, looking into the eyes of the supposed enemy, that I understood the meaning of mercy.

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    Name: Eleanor Lupin/Nora
    House: Hufflepuff
    Characters used: Ginny Weasley/Lucy Johansson
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years - Character Death
    Favourite thing about May: Swimming, lilacs and reading outside!
    A/N: Lucy Johansson was never named in the books, but you will probably recognize her when you read the drabbles.

    The girl lying there is pale, her blood shockingly scarlet against her skin. There is nothing I can do for her, I know, but I cannot leave. The girl opens her eyes, a deep sapphire blue. I know them. Eyes I associate, not with a name, but with a voice. A spell. Excruciating pain.
    The thought of this dying girl wielding that wand terrifies me.
    "I want to go home, I don't want to fight any more!" she says tearfully. There is nothing to be done for her, and I know it.
    I could just hate her.
    I could leave her to die alone.
    But I won’t.
    I am bigger than that.


    I used to think I had dealt with terrible pain.
    I was wrong.
    Nothing compares to right now. Every breath hurts. Blood flows from my forehead and I don’t know how to stop it. I am dizzy. I am going to die. I don’t want to die…
    Somebody is beside me. I open my eyes. I know the girl. I have done terrible, awful things to her. I have hurt her. The girl has fiery red hair… like my mum… where’s my mum…
    "Mum… I want to go home, I don’t want to fight any more!”
    The girl says something, but I don’t hear her.
    It’s so dark...
    My eyes close again.
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    Name: BrokenPromise
    House: The wonderful Ravenclaw
    Characters used: Voldemort and Snape
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd year - Character death
    Favourite thing about May: The immense number of fandom days. (I got 3 so far)
    Author's Note: I feel like these are a little bit mediocre, but I hope to be back with another, better pair of drabbles. The ideas behind these are 1) Behind each bully are insecurities and 2)Snape is snarky. the bits in italics are directly from the book. I also hope that this still counts as a moment.

    “He will come.”
    I know he will. The chivalrous, noble, weak, useless Gryffindor. He is nothing without others, but the pesky friends survive: the Blood traitor and the Mudblood. I ordered my Death Eaters to kill them, but they still live.
    But even without the shielding Order, they destroyed each of my Horcruxes in turn. Every last one: gone.
    And what if he doesn’t come? I will look a fool. I will lose respect. But the boy will find me. He seeks my sweet Nagini. I keep her close and under constant protection.
    Lucius doesn’t understand. Severus doesn’t understand. Now he never will.

    The snake ripples towards me. Pain sears through my body. Falling to the floor, I hear him call back; there is no expression in his ‘regret’. Then he is gone, the serpent with him.
    Another figure approaches. I see long hair, red hair, green eyes. Could I be dead already? But I wouldn’t be with Lily.
    I blink; my vision clears. If I wasn’t dying, I would’ve smirked: I told him I could fetch the boy.
    I can’t speak, but suddenly, the message just spills out of me.
    The lack of memories leaves me light-headed. Then, I am gone.

    Characters used: Dean and Dolohov
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd year
    A/N: I'm back with another pair of dastardly drabbles and this time with no quotations!

    There are three of them. I’m cornered. I fire off every jinx that comes to mind, but they flick each one away like a mere wasp. Against the wall, I shield myself and prepare for death. Or worse. A green beam hits the shield; I dodge as it collapses.
    Then the middle one falls. As they aim curses towards the caster, I make a break for it. Parvati is duelling them both now. I strike, taking on the masked one.
    Suddenly they are distracted. I don’t hear what they say as Parvati and I send simultaneous spells hurtling towards them.

    The Snargaluff pods are everywhere. But we’ve cornered one. He’s trying to fight back, very quick too, but he’s no match for any of us, let alone three.
    I see a green flash emerge from my neighbour’s wand. The boy’s shield fails, but he has dodged. Then the man falls forwards, hit in the back by a curse.
    My companion (Is it Rowle?) shouts something about invisible. I turn. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a clump of tubers floating in the air. Then I feel a spell hit my side and I stumble backwards into darkness.

    Characters used: McGonagall and Bellatrix
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd year
    A/N: Do bodies count as Character Death? Oh well, I'm back with a third set of drabbles! Again, italics are direct quotes.

    Harry: our last hope, our last cause. He promised Neville that he wouldn’t give himself up. But why are they returning? I spy Hagrid’s untameable hair above the black army of Death Eaters. They advance into the courtyard like a swarm of bees.
    Hagrid emerges through the ranks of Death Eaters; the body in his arms is dwarf-like in his enormous arms. Harry’s body. After everything, he is gone. We’ve lost our cause. I let out a piercing wail, releasing all my pain and anxiety into the hateful air, along with my last hope.
    All is lost. They’ve won.

    I dance, cackling, along the uneven path up to the castle, side-stepping the bodies of the dead. I am following my master. He is invincible now. The Boy Who Lived is dead, and the Dark Lord will reign supreme.
    The ancient Professor screams. She believed that The Boy would win. They all did. My lips part and another crowing laugh escapes. She looks so pained, and I feed on pain.
    But although the battle’s won, the war is far from over. Only after we have purged those who are not of pure blood will we have truly won.

    Characters used: Harry and Voldemort
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd year - Character Death
    A/N: Another one. This is about Bellatrix's death scene. Sorry if this doesn't comply because I've used Voldemort again.

    “Not Ginny, not my Ginny,” I prayed as I saw a green light shoot towards her head. Under the cloak, I changed direction, rushing towards Bellatrix, running to help Hermione, Luna and Ginny. With each step I took, each curse that narrowly missed them, my heart skipped a beat.
    A blast of air knocked me aside, and I froze as Molly Weasley took up a stance, standing between the girls and the Death Eater. Spells shot from the opposing wands.
    Bellatrix snarled, releasing a cackling peal; I knew what would happen next. As Bellatrix fell, I heard a piercing cry.

    As I duelled my former teacher, the old hag and the Auror with ease, I caught sight of an orange flurry rushing towards Bellatrix. Brushing away all aid, the overconfident hen launched hex after hex at my lieutenant, but Bellatrix held the duel, firing curse after curse back, taunting the vile woman with each spell.
    Suddenly, I heard a roar. I turned to see Bellatrix topple as the hen’s curse. Screaming, I unleashed a spell of such intensity that all three of my opponents were blasted through the air.
    Bellatrix Lestrange, my ultimate follower, was dead. Mother Weasley would pay.
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