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Thread: May challenge - WHEN TWO TRIBES GO TO WAR!

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    May challenge - WHEN TWO TRIBES GO TO WAR!

    May Monthly


    But every battle, every duel, every brawl, needs two sides.

    This month’s challenge, set deliberately on Victory Day, is for you to write two drabbles from two differing POVs at the Battle of Hogwarts.

    Battle is defined from that moment Voldemort makes his first announcement and they start evacuating Hogwarts.

    You may decide to write from the POVs of actual opponents (Molly/Bellatrix, Arthur/Pius – for example) or you may decide to write from the POVs of two characters on different sides who didn’t face each other, as far as we know. (Luna/Draco, perhaps).

    Where a character's allegiance is undefined (eg: Blaise Zabini or Daphne Greengrass) then you may allocate them a side, but your other character must have been allocated a side in canon. So, you could write Daphne as a Death Eater, if your other character is George Weasley.

    Both drabbles must focus on the same moment.

    Both drabbles must be 100 words – no more no less.

    EDIT: Your drabbles must be from characters on OPPOSING SIDES. (sorry if this was unclear)

    You may enter this challenge more than once, but you must use different characters/pairings each time. Please post all your entries in one post.

    Participation points will be awarded. 5 for your first set of drabbles, 2 for every subsequent set.

    Points will later be awarded for First, Second and Third place – depending on participation. The barmaids reserve the right to award no points, should we feel so inclined.

    All usual MNFF submission guidelines and rules should be followed. I strongly suggest you use a beta.

    Use this form for each entry.

    PHP Code:
    Characters used:
    Title: (optional):
    Favourite thing about May:
    Author’s Note: 
    Challenge ends on May 31st 10pm BST.

    Any questions, then ask, my barflies!

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