Hello, SPEW, and welcome to the assignment so stealthy that it only comes around every other year!

SPEW 007 is BACK, baby!

SPEW 007 is a frenzied write-a-thon in which the members of SPEW adopt a character and compose you guessed it! seven pieces about him/her while working with seven prompts! In the past, this challenge has offered you as members the choice of writing drabbles or one-shots, but I don't want to restrict your creativity! Nope!

So, without further ado, it is with great enthusiasm that I introduce to you the new and improved SPEW 007!

007: The History

This activity is a storied one in SPEW, dating back over half a decade. It gave participants seven weeks to write seven drabbles or one-shots about the character they chose whilst signing up. There have been a small number of victors in this activity compared to a larger number of participants. One thing is for certain, though: the greatest competition in SPEW 007 is the ticking clock.

What's New?

I'm proud to say that I have succeeded in my own 007 round, though it was VERY down to the wire. Ex SPEWer Russia Snow also accompanied me to victory lane in 2010, when this challenge last ran. However, in an effort to embrace diversity of talent in our ranks, the following entry formats will be accepted:

~Drabbles between 500-800 words
~One-shots 1000 words and above
~Chaptered stories (which include all seven prompts as individual chapters) with chapters 1000 words and above
~Poems over 100 words
~Art (banners as well as drawing)

With the exception of the chaptered story, you may mix and match any of these formats. If you wish to write a couple drabbles, a one-shot, a couple poems, make a banner, and draw a picture of your chosen character, you may do so as long as the prompt word/phrase is adequately represented. The stories do NOT have to be interconnected unless you choose to write the chaptered story. If you do choose to write the chaptered story, the story does not have to wrap up in seven chapters, so if you wish to continue it, then feel free to do so.

How This Works

For those of you who sign up, you will all have your own thread in this forum, in which you shall chronicle your arduous journey. The thread title should read "YourName - Character Name", and your prompt will arrive on the day the challenge starts. Each submission should have its own post, as demonstrated in this post. Naturally, the prompts in the example post will NOT be your prompts, but the format will generally be the same.

Another thing that will be changing is the concept of themed prompts. These themes may be Potter or pop culture related, but don't bank of them being what you think they'll be and start writing early. For example, you could pick the prompt theme 'Everest', but instead of mountain related prompts, you could end up with seven completely random words, the only thing tying them together is that they are an acrostic of Everest. By now, I feel I know you all fairly well enough to dangle something in front of you to tempt and to draw. Trust me when I say that the most tempting prompts will be the most ebil.

Post your entries as they are completed so your fellow SPEWers, as well as myself, can track your progress and even cheer you on to greatness!

There are banners in this thread. Feel free to use them (with credit and NO hotlinking, of course) to show all of the boards that you are embarking on a journey of insanity! All participants who complete the challenge in the allotted time will receive a personalised banner with their character and their name, immortalising your wonderful achievement.

The Dates

~Sign-ups run from right now until June 1st.
~In the meantime (but no later than the 2nd), I will PM you with three prompt 'themes'. You will choose one of them ASAP without knowing the individual prompts.
~All prompt lists will be assigned by the 2nd of June.
~The first day you may begin writing/posting your work is June 2nd.
~All submissions are due by July 24th at 8am British Summer Time/July 23rd at midnight US Pacific Summer Time !

The Rewards

You didn't think I would enslave you all summer with nothing to show for it, did you? There will, of course, be riches for those brave enough to complete the challenge, aside from a shiny banner certifying your completion.

~All participants who complete this challenge AND adequately fulfil their prompts will receive 10 house points.
~The participant who finishes FIRST while still adequately fulfilling their prompts will receive 5 bonus points.

Restrictions and Other Notes

~A single character can only be claimed once. If someone else beats you to the character you wanted, you may NOT ask them to give up said character. However, if they do give up that character at some point, you are free to switch your claim as long as no one else beats you to it.
~Probationary members, members on hiatus, as well as RAC-only members of SPEW are eligible for this activity.
~Betas are not required but are heavily encouraged.
~All content posted directly onto the forums must be accompanied by a rating and any applicable warnings.
~All content submitted to the archives must be in the queue by the deadline date.
~This will be an eligible review replacement starting with the May reviewing period.

Any questions or claims will be directed toward this thread. As none of you have done this before, you will undoubtedly notice some gaping piece of information I've left out, so don't feel like you're asking a stupid question.

With that, go forth and claaaaaaaaaaimmmmmmmmm, my lovelies!