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    Ellie ~ Unavailable

    I am very much AVAILABLE.

    Strengths: Plot, characterization, Next Gen., and punctuation/grammar. Also am pretty good with verb tenses.

    Weaknesses: Brit-picking. (American) I know some of the slang, and know when something sounds American, but I'm nowhere near British.

    What I Won't Do: I don't have many problems. I will do slash, D/A, some limited incest, stuff like that. I am tentative about 'Professors' and 'Student/Teacher', though. As long as it isn't too bad; violence I can deal with, but if it's Professor in other ways . . . as I said, I'm tentative.

    Other Info: I tend to leave a lot of comments. I'll be honest with you, and even if I leave a lot of comments, odds are I still love your fic to pieces. Trust me. Also, I admit I have a problem with sugarcoating things. So to sum this up: I may sound harsh. But I'm not trying to be. Also, even though I'm mainly a D/A or Next Gen. writer, I love all the genres. Everything from the Founders to Next Gen. I'm good with. And I'm open with ships. Anything from Loulily to Helga/Salazar.

    Handy dandly little request form:

    Name (user/preferred):
    Rating and Warnings:
    One Shot, Drabble or Chaptered:
    What I REALLY want help with:
    PM or email:
    Color Changes or Track Changes:
    I prefer to use track changes, but can color them as well.


    Things I've beta-d:

    Browns by Northumbrian
    His and Hers by Acacia Carter
    Nott: Father and Son by Northrumbian
    Tongue-Tied by Maple_andPheonixFeather
    Lucky by Maple_andPheonixFeather
    Crashing Down Around Me by Maple_andPheonixFeather

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