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Thread: Hogsmeade Trips

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    Hogsmeade Trips

    Yes, I know it sounds extremely trivial and it probably has been asked many times before, but I can't seem to find the information anywhere. If this thread has already been created, then I'm sorry. It is not my intention to spam.

    Does anybody know/remember when is the first trip to Hogsmeade made during the school year?

    I know there's a specific date given in POA, but I can't remember and I don't have my books with me.

    And also, how often are those trips made?

    Thank you.

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    I've just looked it up, and in POA the first visit was on Halloween. However, it couldn't be on Halloween every year, as it wouldn't always fall on the weekend, so I wouldn't worry too much about the precise date. The end of October/start of November should be about right.

    Regarding the frequency of trips, in POA there was a second visit just before the Christmas holidays, and a third in Ferbuary/March I think. From this, I'd guess that they have approximtely one per half term.

    I hope that helps,

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    I believe it's on Halloween in PoA.

    As for how often the trips are, there usually seems to be one around Halloween and one around Christmas, and Harry and Cho go into Hogsmeade on Valentine's day, so that looks to be about once every two months. Based on that, I would guess around four or so per school year; they don't appear to be a very frequent occurrence in the books.

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    Adding to what obsessed with jo has said:

    There's certainly one more in the Summer term after the exams because in POA, the Trio decide not to go on it. This is when Harry visits Remus and says goodbye to him.

    The Valentine's one might not be fixed because there's a scheduled trip in HBP on Ron's birthday (1st March)- the twins were waiting In Hogsmeade to surprise him, but he was in hospital.


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